Albert Taylor Hall

Albert Taylor Hall StageAlbert Taylor Hall, located in the Administration Building, Plumb Hall, is the largest auditorium on campus and is the venue for many lectures, concerts, and other public events. The annual Homecoming Musical, a music and theatre department production, is presented in Albert Taylor Hall.

A traditional proscenium theatre with a large orchestra pit, "ATH" has a seating capacity of 1,281. Seating is divided between the orchestra with 746 seats and the balcony at 535 seats.

Albert Taylor Hall StageThe proscenium arch measures 40 feet by 18 feet. The stage is 30 feet deep. Wing space is minimal. Dressing rooms are located on the second level. Although not an easy theatre for directors or designers to work in, the old hall is typical of many theatres built during the 1920's. A modern stage lighting system with a control booth at the rear of the orchestra was installed in 1990. A complete sound system for reinforcement and reproduction is provided. Wireless microphones are available.

Albert Taylor Hall Seating"ATH" has been the venue of many productions and famous performers such as Will Rogers, Charles Laughton, Agnes Mooorehead, Henry Fonda, and groups such as Second City, The Acting Company, Ballet West.