Theatre Scholarships

EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY THEATRE offers talent scholarships to aid qualified students who have declared a major (and in some cases, a minor) in theatre.  Many of these scholarships are endowed scholarships honoring students, alums, faculty and friends of ESU Theatre.


Incoming students can audition for these scholarships at our home auditions held annually in early February.  For additional information about these auditions click here.  Here is a list of the scholarships available through these auditions.

John C. Lehman Theatre Scholarship

Karl Malden Scholarship

Karl and Margaret Bruder Scholarship

David and Mary Wylli Matheny Scholarshi

Nancy Kay Wise Memorial Scholarship

Ronald Q. and Jeanne C. Frederickson Scholarship

Forrest A. Newlin Scholarship

F.L. Gilson Memorial Scholarship

George R. R. Pflaum Scholarship

Joan Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Howard Halgedahl Musical Theatre Scholarship

Charlie Hill Theatre Scholarship

Litchfield-Hume Theatre Scholarship

Earl and Stelouise Sauder Theatre Scholarship

Theatre Patrons Scholarship

George L. & Fern T. Imthurn Scholarship

Marvin and Jerry Butts Scholarship

Emporia's Home Team Scholarship

Deloy and Gertrude Heath Scholarship

Homecoming Scholarships

David Cropp Memorial Scholarship

Theatre Guild Scholarships

A list of scholarship recipients for 2018-19

Information about other ESU scholarships