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Admission + Graduation Requirements

Admission + Graduation Requirements

Admission Requirements and Procedures

The following is required for admission to the Master of Arts in TESOL:

  • Admission to Emporia State University Graduate School.
  • Official transcripts of all college work.
  • GPA of 2.75 or more based on the 4-point scale in last 60 hours of college course work for those completing a master’s degree or in the last 30 graduate hours from a previously completed master’s degree.

All application materials must be sent to:

Emporia State's Graduate School or Emporia State's Office of International Education (for international students)

Note: 15 credit hours of the MATESOL may be applied toward an endorsement in TESOL, but ONLY IF you are a Kansas certified teacher.

Requirements for Degree Candidacy

Students who have met the admission requirements, submitted an approved degree plan/advisement form, and completed a minimum of six credit hours of course work in the graduate program will be admitted to degree candidacy.

Requirements for Program Completion

  1. Successful completion of all 21 Core Course credits.
  2. Successful completion of all 12 Program Electives credits. (Students who choose to do the 6-hour thesis will take only 9credit hours from Program Electives and will NOT take any Open Elective credit hours).
  3. Successful completion of 3 Open Elective credits (unless the candidate chooses the thesis option).
  4. Successful completion of the TESOL Content PRAXIS Exam (Code 5362) with a score of 149 or higher. Information about this exam is available at: ESU houses a Testing Center that administers the PRAXIS Exam, learn more here.
  5. All candidates must complete the degree with a total GPA of 3.0 (grades of C will have to be balanced with A’s and B’s to achieve an overall 3.0 GPA). Otherwise, the candidate will be advised to re-take a class (or classes) to meet this condition.
  6. A total of 36 credit hours must be completed for both thesis and non-thesis option candidates.
  7. When a candidate is conditionally admitted, they are given a list of courses in which they MUST earn a grade of “B” or better before they are officially admitted to the program.
  8. All candidates must file an Intent to Graduate Form with the Graduate School by the following deadlines:
    March 1 for Summer graduation, July 1 for Fall, November 1 for Spring. Please note this form is to be completed the semester before you anticipate graduating.
  9. Required practicum – After a candidate has successfully completed Admission to Program of Study requirements and has been approved by the appropriate chair or graduate TESOL advisor, and also completed all practicum pre-requisite courses, the candidate is permitted to participate in practical field experience in TS735 (either section A or Section B, depending on whether they are education majors eligible to obtain a Kansas ESOL endorsement or not). Candidates who are eligible to seek an ESOL endorsement are supervised by ESU and school supervisors and are placed in a public school setting through ESU’s Office of Field Placement and Licensure. Otherwise, they will take section B of TS735 which will prepare them with practical and hands-on experiences in, for example, the Intensive English Program at ESU or a similar program. Placement process and approval is done by the TESOL program director and faculty supervising this type of TESOL practicum.
  10. For students seeking a Kansas teaching license through their MA TESOL program (in TS735 Section A) and based on the candidate’s performance and input from the University supervisor and off-campus supervisor, the university supervisor assigns a grade for the field experience. The candidate is required to have a minimum grad of “B” in the field experience before being allowed to proceed to the Program Pre-completion decision point.
  11. For students who are NOT seeking a Kansas teaching license in their MA TESOL program, based upon the candidate’s performance and input from the University Practicum Supervisor (in section B) and off-campus supervisor, the instructor assigns a grade for the hands-on experience. The candidate is required to have a minimum grade of “B” in the field experience before being allowed to proceed to the Program Pre-completion decision point.