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Pscyhology Research Study

Research Study

Signing Up for Studies

  1. Students will choose a study that interests them under the “Students – Sign Up for Studies Here!” module.
  2. Sign up for the study (click the “here” that is in the assignment portal) by the due date listed in Canvas and in the assignment portal.
  3. Write Down the Due Date for COMPLETING the survey. (This will be different from the due date for signing up.)
  4. You will receive a notification when you are able to complete the survey.

Completing Surveys

  1. You should receive a Canvas notification/message or email that you are able to take the quiz/survey.
  2. Find the quiz link of the study that you signed up for which includes, “ – Survey Link” attached at the end of the title. This will be under the same module (“Students – Sign Up for Studies Here!”)
  3. Follow the directions when completing the survey.
  4. The first question on the Canvas quiz will contain the link to the survey that you need to complete.
  5. ****VERY IMPORTANT – Screenshot or take a picture with your phone of the DEBRIEFING STATEMENT.
  6. Within the Canvas quiz, where your survey is located, you will upload the screenshot or picture (THAT YOU TOOK OF THE DEBRIEFING STATEMENT) into the 2nd question portal (the question will be labeled “Question 1”). The question will most likely say, “Upload Your Debriefing Statement Here! (Picture or Screenshot)”.
  7. Submit the quiz and you are finished!