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Study psychology at Emporia State University

Why study at Emporia State?

  1. Rats! You will learn about research in the lab and be assigned a rat of your own to train when you take the course PY101 Introduction to Psychology Lab.
  2. Rat Rodeo. Will you have your animal ready to compete for this event held every semester?
  3. Vivarium. ESU has an animal vivarium, one of the only rat labs in the world available to undergraduate majors in a psychology department, where original research is conducted.
  4. Involvement. We have many recognized student organizations including Psychology Club, an award winning Psi Chi Honor Society, the Student Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the School Psychology Student Society.
  5. Research. You will complete original research, start to finish and present it at local, state, or regional conferences. Before graduating, you’ll attend at least convention where you can present your research, such as the Association for Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas (PERK), Great Plains Students’ Psychology Convention, Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA), and/or American Psychological Association (APA)
  6. Inside scoop. Our department offers a Professional Development Session (PDS). These sessions offer you the chance to participate in an organization meeting such as Psi Chi, hear from guest speakers and hear from faculty about the latest research in their field.
  7. Internship. You will complete a senior year field-based internship, which is great for career exploration. Thinking about being a school psychologist? You could work with one. Wondering about case management at a foster care agency, or counseling at a mental health center? You could work with people in those professions.
  8. Background. During the time you are in PY102 Introduction to the Psychology Major, you will get an overview of how to get the most out of the major, an introduction to typical career options, familiarity with student organizations in psychology, opportunities to do research and travel, demonstrations, library/writing skills, field trips, and APA format.
  9. Faculty-taught. Virtually every course you will take is taught by faculty. All of our faculty have the Ph.D. in their respective disciplines and extensive professional experience in their fields such as experimental psychology, counseling psychology, clinical neuropsychology, school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology, etc.
  10. Faculty-advised. You will receive all of your advising from faculty and/or advisors within the psychology department. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at least once a semester.
  11. Modern. You will take many of your classes in the Davis Lab (Visser Hall, Rm 345), which has been completely renovated. The entire third floor public spaces include our own learning commons.
  12. Summer courses. We have a rich schedule of courses to accommodate your needs.