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Required Coursework

Program of Study

Prerequisite Coursework

An applicant is required to have a minimum of 24 hours of undergraduate psychology - not counting Introductory Psychology - which must include: Developmental Psychology, Statistics, Experimental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Theories of Personality, and Foundations of Psychology. Deficiencies may be taken concurrently with graduate courses if the deficiency courses are not prerequisites for a course in the graduate program. Prerequisite coursework only qualifies for student financial aid for one year.

Standard I. Assessment
Students will be familiar with the major assessment techniques and be able to use them. Students will be well versed in diagnostic systems (e.g., current edition of DSM) as well as diagnostic issues.

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered
PY 806 Personality Assessment & Report Writing 3 hrs Fall

PY 807

Projective Assessment Techniques & MMPI

3 hrs


PY 827 Seminar in Psychopathology 3 hrs Spring
PY 841
Assessment of Intelligence 3 hrs Fall/Spring
Hours for Standard I 12 hrs

Standard II. Treatment
Students will know and be able to utilize ethically a wide variety of psychological treatments.

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered
PY 846 Culture, Assessment, and Treatment 3 hrs Spring

PY 847

Techniques of Psychotherapy

3 hrs


PY 848 Family and Group Systems Psychotherapy 3 hrs Spring
PY 849
Ethics and Professional Practice 3 hrs Fall
PY 858 Interdisciplinary Referral and Collaboration 3 hrs Fall / Spring
PY 859 Internship 6 hrs
PY 703 Neuropsychology and Brain Functioning 3 hrs Spring
Electives 4 hrs
Hours for Standard II 28 hrs

Standard 3. Scientific Foundations
Students will have thorough understanding of the scientific foundation of psychology; a minimum of three courses must be selected to complete nine credit hours.

Students may choose from a variety of Scientific Foundations classes, including offerings such as:

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered
PY 503XA Evolutionary Psychology 3 hrs Summer

PY 503XB

Drugs and Behavior

3 hrs

PY 503B Positive Psychology 3 hrs Summer
PY 560 Physiological Psychology 3 hrs Every third Fall
PY 570 Sensation and Perception 3 hrs Every third Fall
PY 624 Theories of Motivation 3 hrs Fall
PY 722 Theories of Learning 3 hrs Spring
PY 808 Research in Clinical Psychology 3 hrs As needed
PY 811 Seminar in Human Growth & Development 3 hrs Spring
Hours for Standard III 9 hrs

Standard IV. Research
Students will be able to evaluate the research of others and be able to design and implement their own research.

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered
ER 851 Research and Design and Writing 3 hrs Fall

ER 857

Statistics Methods for Education and Psychology II

3 hrs


Hours for Standard IV without Thesis 6 hrs
PY 800 Thesis Option

5 hrs

Hours for Standard IV with Thesis 11 hrs


Elective Credits

Students on Non-Thesis Track 9 hrs of electives
Students on Thesis Track: PY 800 Thesis (5 hrs) + 4 hours electives

9 hrs

Total Hours 9 hrs


Students must make grade of B or better in all courses.

** Graduates must present at least 60 hours of graduate course work (among other requirements) to the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board in order to qualify for the Licensed Master Level Psychologist (LMLP).

NOTE: To begin a clinically related internship, you must first complete all prerequisite coursework with a grade of "A" or "B". See the Director of Clinical Training for additional information.

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