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Kansas Work Authorization Process

Kansas Work Authorization Process + Respecialization History

The Kansas Work Authorization Process from KSDE

Emporia State University’s School Psychology Program and the Kansas Association of School Psychologists have created a work authorization program with KSDE.

Authored by Jim Persinger (ESU), Kyle Carlin (KASP Past-President) and Melissa Sullivan (KASP Central Region Representative, and a former ESU respecialization candidate), its purpose is to address chronic shortages of school psychologists.

Announced in July 2018 and the process finalized in May 2019, it allows eligible individuals enrolled in a school psychology respecialization program in Kansas to be reimburseable to employing Kansas districts, and take on the limited duties of a school psychologist prior to program completion. Thus, a work authorization allows respecialization candidates to begin being paid a full professional salary prior to finishing their programs, typically by the semester in which practicum is undertaken.

As a practical effect, this has made the semester of full time practicum, which is often undertaken without salary, no longer a hurdle for respecialization candidates in the program. As a new process, only candidates from ESU’s respecialization program will be eligible to apply for a work authorization, for one year after the process was finalized.

This means that as of fall 2020, work authorizations may also be issued for candidates from other respecialization training programs that have launched in the state. For information about whether you would be eligible for this process through ESU, contact Jim Persinger. (email to