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Janet Holland

Janet Holland

Professor of Instructional Design and Technology

Campus Box 4037

Building Visser Hall

Room 328

  • 620-341-5650


PhD, University of Kansas, 2006

MA, Emporia State University, 2002

BA, Wichita State University, 1977

Dr. Janet L. Holland is a professor in Instructional Design and Technology Department in The Teachers College at Emporia State University, Emporia, KS. Dr. Holland teaches synchronous and asynchronous courses in a Master’s of Science degree program in Instructional Design and Technology. Courses taught are in the areas of instructional design, webpage design, image editing, and emerging media used for instruction and training.

Her research has been documented in publications such as IGI Global, Tech Trends, International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education, National Social Science Technology Journal, The International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS) Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, London International Conference on Education, The International Center for Innovation in Education, The Future of Education, International conference presentation and publication in Florence, Italy, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), winner of the best paper award, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has served as president of the Kansas Association for Educational and Communications Technology (KAECT), and conference chair. Research and publication interests include human computer interaction in the field of instructional design and technology, biometric research using eye tracking and sensor data, augmented reality, online learning, mobile learning, globalization and wearable technologies. She has won awards for both teaching and research at Emporia State University. As an instructional designer, new technologies are continually examined in an effort to inspire innovative teaching and learning practices.

Significant Achievements

2019 Augmented Reality: 3D holograms for engaged learning. The Future of Education, Florence, Italy, paper and conference presentation

2019 Eye Tracking: Biometric evaluation of instructional materials for improved learning. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), ICAET 2019: 21st, Winner of the best international conference paper on advanced educational technologies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Emporia State University, The Teachers College Award for Excellence in Scholarly Activity

2010 Conference Chair, Kansas Association for Educational Communications & Technology (KAECT), Emporia, KS

2009 Emporia State University, The Teachers College Award for Excellence in Teaching

2009 President, Kansas Association for Educational Communications & Technology (KAECT)

Areas of Research and Teaching

Explore emerging technologies and their impact upon teaching, learning, and training

Research innovative instructional practices

Examine professional development and training practices

Analyze the alignment of instructional design models with technology integration

Track and examine shifting trends and patterns of human computer interactions

Biometric testing including eye tracking and sensor data

Courses Taught

IT 710 - Webpage Design (online & face-to-face on campus)

IT 719 - Photoshop for Teaching and Learning (online & face-to-face on campus)

IT 820 - Designing & Developing Web-Based Training (online & face-to-face on campus)