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Block 1 Admission Requirements

Block 1 Admission Requirements

For an elementary education major to be admitted into the upper-level Block 1 portion of the program, the following requirements must be met.

Students must:

  1. have a junior-level or post-baccalaureate classification at Emporia State;
  2. have a minimum 2.75 GPA in the Core Curriculum General Education Courses;
  3. earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5;
  4. completed 100 Hours of Supervised Service Work Experience with Children or Youth (the form is available from the department office and needs to be submitted to the Elementary Education Advising Center);
  5. demonstrate required dispositions in The Teachers College conceptual framework;
  6. completed, signed, and submitted the Disclosure Statement;
  7. completed, signed, and submitted the Ethics and Professionalism Statement;
  8. have the Elementary Education Admissions Committee approve your application;
  9. have passed the Reading, Writing and Math sections of either (or through a combination of) the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) or Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) or composite score of 22 or above on the ACT (American College Testing) Exam.

Passing CORE Scores:

10. earned a "C" or higher in each of the following courses (an asterisk - * - indicates the course may be completed concurrently with Block 1)

  • EL 312, Integrating Elementary English Language Arts
  • EL/ED 220, Introduction to Teaching
  • EL 230, Using Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom
  • * EL 310, Adapting Curric for Diverse Learners or *ED 535 Cultural Awareness for Educators
  • EL 319, Literacy in the Multicultural Classroom
  • EG 101, Composition I
  • EG 102, English Composition II
  • MA 110, College Algebra
  • EL 350 Mathematical Applications for the Elementary Classroom
  • SD 550, Survey of Exceptionality
  • * SD 560, Collaboration & Strategies
  • SP 101, Public Speaking
  • * GB 303, Field and Lab Biology
  • IT 325, Instructional Technology For Educators
  • * IT 371, Advanced Instructional Technology for Educators
  • AR 324, Elementary Art Education
  • PE 381, Elementary School Health & PE for the Classroom Teachers
  • MU 124, Basic Music
  • MU 344, Integrating Music into the Elementary Classroom
  • EL 150, Intro to the Elementary Education Major I
  • PY 211, Developmental Psychology for the Education Major

Block 1 Courses

EE 311 Elementary Planning & Assessment 1 hr
EE 313 Elementary Reading Methods I 3 hrs
EE 314 Elementary Social Studies Methods 3 hrs
EE 316 Elementary Science Methods 3 hrs
TOTAL 10 hrs