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Elementary Education Advising Center

Gateway for Undergraduate Teacher Candidates

The Elementary Education Advising Center offers guidance on your journey to becoming an elementary teacher.

Use this site to help you understand the design of Emporia State's undergraduate education program and learn the requirements for program admission and graduation/licensure.

Prospective Student Packet

Elementary Program Guide (PDF)
List of all required courses and program admission/graduation requirements. This is formatted as a pamphlet (the first page is the inside page of the pamphlet and the second page is the last and first page of the printed pamphlet).

100 Hours of Supervised Service Work Experience (PDF)

Use to document your 100 hours of supervised service work experience with children or youth. Required for Block 1 admission.

Endorsement Areas (PDF)

Several areas for specialized teaching are available through Emporia State programs; this lists the particular course requirements.

Student Teaching Abroad Opportunities (PDF)

You can do four weeks of student teaching abroad in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, or Paraguay to customize your student teaching experience.

Guides & Forms

Long-Range Plan (LRP) (PDF)
Your advisor will use this form to plan your semesters. You can use this to plan ahead or to do "what if" analysis. If you change your LRP, please consult your advisor.

Block 1 Application Instructions (PDF)
This is the instruction sheet for completing your Block 1 application.

Elementary Forms & Resources

If you are pursuing your bachelor's in education from Emporia State - be it in elementary or secondary - you need the information available from this source.

Transfer Students

As an elementary teacher, you will teach every subject - you must have a knowledge base of all general areas. Therefore, our program is very specific in the general education courses you must take.

To help ensure a smooth transition, you will need to follow an ESU transfer guide. Please refer to the ESU transfer guides located at the university's Transcript Analyst web page. Here you can see transfer guides from Kansas community colleges and universities.

If you have specific questions regarding transferring to Emporia State, please contact:

Elementary Education Advising Center
Visser Hall, Rm 225