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Concentration Area

Elementary Content

The Instruction Specialist program is intended for the teaching practitioner in classroom settings. A candidate for this program is typically an educator intending to remain in a general education classroom or work as an instructional specialist/team leader in the school setting with specific content or topics. This concentration allows the practitioner to strengthen their teaching in the core elementary subject areas: English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The Elementary Content is designed for educators who wish to improve their teaching, management, and assessment skills of diverse learners. A capstone project will be completed during EL829, Leadership and Coaching Practicum.

To learn more about the Elementary Content concentration, contact Melissa Reed at 620-641-5445.

The Elementary Content concentration is also available in Olathe to Olathe teachers. Please contact Dr. Tiffany Hill to learn more.

Program of Study

Introductory Core Courses (15 hours)

EL 751

Applications of Developmental Theories

3 hrs

EL 810

Information Literacy

3 hrs

EL 725

Differentiating Instruction

2 hrs

EL 854

Action Research in the Classroom

3 hrs

EL 828

Instructional Leadership and Coaching

2 hrs

EL 829

Leadership and Coaching Practicum

2 hrs

Elementary Content Concentration (12 hours)

EL 801
Best Practices in Elementary Language Arts 3 hrs
EL 802 Best Practices in Elementary Math 3 hrs
EL 803 Best Practices in Elementary Science 3 hrs
EL 804 Best Practices in Elementary Social Studies 3 hrs



Elective - Choose one course below (3 hours)

EL 721  Reading Theory and Literacy Practices: Elementary (3 hrs)
EL 892 Teaching/Learning Models (3 hrs)

EL 740 STEM Concepts Through Fiction & Non-Fiction (3 hrs)

SD 703 Inclusive Practice in K-6 Math Education (3 hrs)

EL 784 Trends in Elementary STEM Education (3 hrs)
EL 821 Curriculum & Standards in the Literacy Environment (3 hrs)

3 hrs


Customize Your Plan - You may use other courses from the schedule and content area departments with advisor approval.