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MS - Elementary Education

Elementary Education Overview

Change careers and change lives

The master’s degree in elementary education at Emporia State is designed for career changers who are interested in teaching elementary school.

With online courses and a clinical experience placement near you, you can earn a master’s degree without changing locations. In as little as two years, you will be eligible for an elementary education teaching license.

When you finish your degree, you will enter the teaching profession at the master’s degree level on the pay scale.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must first complete an application for admission to the Graduate School. Candidates then follow the graduate degree procedures of the Department of Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education. These requirements include the following:

  • GPA of 3.0 on the last 60 hours of college course work for those completing a master’s degree or 3.0 on the last 30 graduate hours from a previously completed master’s program
  • Official transcripts of all college work, including Praxis scores if applicable
  • Two references from supervisors or individuals who have had the responsibility of evaluating your academic or professional performance
  • Two Disposition Assessments from supervisors or individuals who have had the responsibility of evaluating your academic or professional performance
  • Completed Disposition Form
  • Signed Disclosure Form
  • Faculty Evaluation and/or Personal Interview (prerogative of admissions committee).
  • Current copy of teaching license, if held. If the candidate does not currently hold a teaching license, there will be a two-year waiting period between the completion of the last degree program and consideration for admissions into the master program.
  • No credit hours can be transferred or substituted

Additional information regarding any of the stated criteria is available upon request. Candidates are urged to begin immediately to make arrangements or complete details to gain degree candidacy. Applicants for admission to degree candidacy must have all requirements completed before the completion of 12 hours.

Time Requirements

All work must be completed within a seven-year period. The seven-year period begins with the semester in which the first course applied to the degree was taken.

Degree Requirements

The master's in elementary education requires the completion of 33 graduate hours.

Program inquiries

Melissa Reed, Ph.D.

Application questions

Erin Tuttle