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School Counseling Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Licensure + Certification

Successful completion of the School Counseling Program leads to Kansas licensure, grades PreK through 12. Graduates are qualified to seek employment in elementary, middle, or secondary schools. In school districts small enough to have just one counselor, graduates sometimes accept positions as the counselor for all levels.

CACREP Program Outcome Data

The five-year completion rate percentages identified below reflect those students who complete the program in three years. The majority of the students in the School Counseling program work full-time (many as teachers), and complete the School Counseling program on a part-time basis.

On average, 79% of the students in the School Counseling program, complete all requirements within three years. As of this time, accurate data regarding employment rates is not available. Please contact the Department of Counselor Education at 620-341-5220 and ask to speak to the School Counseling program coordinator for up-to-date information regarding employment outcomes of our graduates.

School Counseling positions are expected to grow at an average rate through 2020, with the primary employment setting being educational services.

Outcomes for School Counseling*

*PDFs are located below each image for accessibility and printability.

Chart of Outcomes for School Counselor

Outcomes for School Counseling.pdf