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School Counseling Direct Entry

Direct Entry

In Fall 2009, the Kansas State Department of Education developed the Parallel Pathways initiative - now called Direct Entry: School Counseling - to license additional School Counselors to serve in high-need areas of Kansas.

School Counselors were previously required to have a current teaching license and have two years of teaching experience. This requirement is waived under this program allowing people with bachelor's degrees in other fields to enter a master's program in School Counseling.

Direct Entry candidates must complete an additional 70 clock hours of field experience in schools to meet KSDE School Counselor License requirements.  Thirty (30) hours each will be completed while taking SC700 High School Counseling and SC705 Elementary/Middle School Counseling, and 10 hours will be completed while taking SC871 Supervised Practicum.  Completion will be prearranged with program faculty to occur during enrollment in program coursework.


View the degree plan.pdf to see a complete list of courses for this program.

To complete the program, you will need to complete the following forms and activities.

Guidelines, Verification Form, and On-Site Mentors Forms.pdf

Placement Form.pdf