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School Counseling

Course Requirements

As a School Counseling degree seeking student, you have seven years to complete your degree. Most candidates average one to two courses per semester, taking approximately 2 1/2 - 3 years to successfully complete the program.

Courses taken at another institution and accepted for transfer to apply toward the degree must fall within the seven-year limitation.

Traditional Program (licensed Kansas teachers) - 48 hours total
Online classes are italicized

SC 700 Introduction to Secondary School Counseling 3 hrs
SC 705 Introduction to Elementary/Middle School Counseling 3 hrs
SC 710 Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Related Fields 3 hrs
SC 715 Parenting and Parent Consultation 3 hrs
RE 732 Psychosocial Development and Disability 3 hrs
SC 805 Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling 1 hr
SC 810 Pre-Practicum: Counseling Skills Development 2 hrs
SC 820 Assessment in Schools 3 hrs
CE 820
Career Counseling and Development 3 hrs
CE 825 Counseling Theories 3 hrs
CE 830 Group Processes in Counseling 3 hrs
SC 860 Leadership and Advocacy 3 hrs
*Electives -
to be approved by advisor
Non Thesis Option
ER 752 Analysis of Research 3 hrs
Thesis Option
ER 851 Research Design and Writing 3 hrs
SC 895 Thesis 3 hrs


Practicum and Internship

SC 871 Supervised Practicum in School Counseling 3 hrs
SC 881 School Counseling Internship 6 hrs


The Department of Counselor Education offers relevant course electives in areas that are addressed minimally in many traditional human service and psychology programs which include:

  • Anger Management
  • Counseling Boys and Men
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Grief, Death and Bereavement Counseling
  • Advanced Behavior Intervention

In addition, Counselor Education offers numerous professional development workshops and seminars on a variety of topics for both current students and professionals already working in the field. Educational experiences are designed to expose students to alternatives, strategies, and possible interventions available that may facilitate growth and adjustment of individuals served.

Direct Entry (formerly called Parallel Pathways)

Previously, School Counselors were required to have a current teaching license and have two years of teaching experience. In Fall 2009, the Kansas State Department of Education developed the Parallel Pathways initiative to license additional School Counselors to serve in high need areas of Kansas. This allows people with bachelor's degrees in other fields to enter a master's program in School Counseling.