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Rehabilitation Counseling

Practicum + Internship


The practicum experience is designed to provide opportunities for students to focus on the application of counseling techniques which the student has been developing in classroom situations. This opportunity to try out, under close supervision, various methods of working with consumers is an important factor in learning to be an effective rehabilitation counselor.

Each student should discuss the practicum experience with the clinical supervisor for practicum early in the academic program. Generally, a student will work with consumers 4-8 hours per week, for an agreed-upon number of weeks. Exceptions to this may be approved by the clinical supervisor for practicum.

It is understood that the student is neither expected nor required to carry out or to perform the same rehabilitation counseling responsibilities as a full-time, employed staff member. Each student should have the opportunity to obtain interviewing and counseling experience. It is desirable for the student to work with a small number of consumers and engage in several contacts over a period of time. The clinical supervisor for practicum will review the videoed interviews and counseling sessions, and will directly observe the student's performance.

Students must apply.pdf for a Spring practicum by October 1. Clinical supervision for practicum experiences is arranged by Dr. Damara Paris, 620-341-5798 or

Practicum Manual.pdf


To qualify for internship, students must receive a final grade of “B” or higher in practicum and all other coursework, a satisfactory evaluation of dispositions, and approval from their academic adviser. Each prospective intern should discuss and arrange the field experience with his or her faculty adviser at least one semester prior to the start date of internship. Internships operate under the general direction of an onsite Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), or are co-managed by a university faculty member and a qualified onsite supervisor within the rehabilitation agency or facility. This arrangement places major supervisory responsibility on the field or on-site supervisor, which emphasizes the need for an experienced, trained (CRC qualified) on-site supervisor.

The following expectations are placed on graduate students taking internship:

  • Complete a minimum of 600 clock hours of internship field experience at a state rehabilitation setting for 9 hours of graduate credit;
  • Travel time to and from the internship site is not included as hours towards the internship experience;
  • Travel time as part of direct service provision is acceptable; and,
  • Work 40 hours per week for 15 weeks during regular operating hours at placement sites

Students must submit an internship proposal form for a Spring internship by October 1. Clinical supervision for internship experiences is arranged by Dr. Michael Richard, 620-341-5852 or Students may download the Internship Manual for in-depth information on enrolling in internship, student performance, and internship site expectations.

Internship Manual.pdf