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Rehabilitation Counseling Course Requirements

Course Requirements

This online program requires 48 graduate credit hours and is focused on the development of you as a counselor and coordinator of rehabilitation services. All courses are offered online, allowing you to maintain employment in your community and study from home rather than having to travel or relocate to complete your courework.

Download the Degree Contract for Master of Science - Rehabilitation Counseling.pdf

Students take one to three courses per semester over the course of seven semesters. These courses include:

 Fall, Semester 1 (9 hrs):

RE 732 Psychosocial Development and Disability 3 hrs
RE 701 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling 3 hrs
Rehabilitation Elective 1-3 hrs


Spring, Semester 2 (9 hrs):

CE 825 Counseling Theories 3 hrs
RE 695 Employment Issues in Rehabilitation 3 hrs
Rehabilitation Elective 1-3 hrs


Summer, Semester 3 (3 hrs):

CE 830 Group Processes in Counseling 3 hrs


Fall, Semester 4 (9 hrs):

CE 820 Career Counseling and Development 3 hrs
ER 752 Analysis of Research 3 hrs
RE 692 Vocational Information and Assessment 3 hrs


Spring, Semester 5 (6 hrs):

RE 751 Advanced Case Management 3 hrs
RE 855 Supervised Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling 3 hrs


Summer, Semester 6 (3 hrs):

RE 730 Medical Aspects of Disability 3 hrs


Fall, Semester 7 (9 hrs):

RE 899 Internship in Rehabilitation Counseling 9 hrs