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Admission + Graduation Requirements

Admission Requirements

You should complete all of the necessary admission requirements prior to enrolling in courses.

  1. A completed Graduate School Application.
  2. A completed Department of Counselor Education Graduate Student Application
  3. An overall grade-point average of3.00 on a four-point scale or a 3.25 on the last 60 semester hours for the undergraduate degree.
  4. Three letters of recommendation. If you are employed, a reference from your current or recent employer/supervisor is desired.
  5. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with a target score of 280 (verbal and math) or Miller Analogies Test ( 40)
  6. Official transcripts, showing earned BS, BA, BFA, or BSE degree.
  7. An online application (located on the Graduate School website) that responds to the following areas: Factors in your personal and professional background and experience that have led you to seek an advanced degree in rehabilitation counseling, your professional goals, the type of work setting and the client population with whom you desire to work after graduation, and the kind of person you believe yourself to be (personal qualities or characteristics).
  8. Personal interview with rehabilitation counseling faculty.

Each student follows the same core curriculum. Your unique academic background and work experience is taken into account in planning a program of study. All programs require 100 hours of practicum experience and 600 hours of supervised internship experience working with persons with disabilities.

You will be required to pass the CRC examination or pass a written comprehensive examination.

Degree Requirements

Degree Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy is the formal approval for pursuit of the master's degree after it is determined that all specified criteria have been met. Upon completion of six to twelve hours, students should make application for Degree Candidacy through their advisor. Requirements for degree candidacy are as follows:

  • Degree plan filed through student's advisor.
  • Maintain a B average with no grade lower than B in core courses.

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for completion of an M.S. degree in Clinical Counseling include:

  1. your completion of an approved program of study as developed and approved by your faculty advisor;
  2. applying for degree candidacy;
  3. your passing of a written comprehensive examination (taken during the final semester of enrollment). Students need to sign-up for this examination during their final semester of internship. An alternative to the comprehensive examination is completion of a master’s level thesis.
  4. Finally, students must complete an Intent to Graduate Form.