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Dual Curriculum

Art Therapy & Clinical Psychology

Candidates pursuing this option may earn two masters degrees by completing a shared, three-year curriculum. Program completers will receive both the Master of Science in Art Therapy Counseling AND the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Program graduates are eligible to apply for national credentials and professional licensing in Kansas.

There are 30 shared credit hours between the Art Therapy Counseling and Master of Science in Clinical Psychology programs:

AT 800 Art Therapy Foundations (3 hrs)

AT 802 Developmental & Treatment Models in Art Therapy (3 hrs)

AT 804 Art Therapy Advanced Assessment & Techniques in Relationships & Families (3 hrs)

CE 708 Multicultural Counseling (3 hrs)

ER 851 Research Design and Writing (3 hrs)

PY 827 Seminar in Psychopathology (3 hrs)

PY 847 Techniques of Psychotherapy (3 hrs)

PY 848 Family and Group Systems Psychotherapy (3 hrs)

PY 806 Personality Assessment & Report Writing (3 hrs)

PY 857 Statistics II (3 hrs)

Total Shared Hours = 30

Additional course requirements are as follows:


AT 810 Introduction to Art Therapy Research (2 hrs)

AT 812 Applied Art Therapy Research (2 hrs)

AT 708 Art Media & Material Use in Art Therapy (3 hrs)

AT 80 I Art Therapy Group Dynamics & Special Populations (2 hrs)

CE 830 Group Processes in Counseling (3 hrs)

CE 893 Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling (3 hrs)

AT 850 Art Therapy Thesis (3 hrs)
AT 849 Art Therapy Masters Project (3 hrs)

AT 835 Art Therapy Internship (greater than or equal to 6 hrs)

Electives (6 hrs)

Elective Credits for AT Master's Project (3 hrs)

Total Hours = 30


PY 807 Projective Assessment & MMPI (3 hrs)

PY 846 Assessment of Intelligence (3 hrs)

PY 849 Ethics & Professional Practice (3 hrs)

PY 858 Interdisciplinary Referral & Collaboration (3 hrs)

PY 859 Internship (6 hrs)

PY 703 Neuropsychology & Brain Function Scientific (3 hrs)

Scientific Electives (6 hrs)

Total Hours = 30

Total Hours for Dual Degree in Art Therapy & Clinical Psychology = 90

* If you are pursuing the dual curriculum option in either Art Therapy Counseling and Clinical Counseling or Art Therapy Counseling and Clinical Psychology, you must make application to each program separately.