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Family Education

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The most valuable resource in our world for developing human potential is parent talk and parent and child conversation.

Science tells us that the human brain has completed approximately 85% of its physical growth, a significant part of the foundation for all thinking and learning, by the end of age 3. The development of the brain is absolutely related to the language environment of the young child.

A child’s vocabulary as early as age 3 can predict third grade reading achievement.

However, it is never too late to help a child expand their vocabulary and language facility through meaningful parent-child conversation.

This video is one example of turning a child’s snack time into a richer brain-building conversation time.

The websites available below contain some good ideas for engaging young children in conversations that will expand their vocabulary and language ability which will pay huge dividends in school performance.

By all means have time talking with your child and just enjoy their ideas and creativeness.