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Scholarships for programs within The Teachers College

Scholarships for programs within The Teachers College

Counselor Education Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students studying in programs of counselor education. These scholarships vary in requirements and amounts. The deadline is in the spring.

Scholarships for Pre-Service Teachers (Education Majors)

There are many scholarship opportunities for Emporia State students pursuing degrees in education.

Health, Physical Education & Recreation Scholarships

Coaching, health, physical education and more all have scholarships available through Emporia State.

Instructional Design & Technology Scholarships

The programs in IDT have scholarships available for you.

Psychology Scholarships

In addition to other scholarships available through Emporia State University, and The Teachers College, there are scholarships allocated specifically to our psychology majors each year.

The Teachers College Scholarship

Established in 2008, this non-endowed fund will provide scholarships as The Teachers College and Dean deem appropriate. Apply for it through the ESU Scholarship Library.

ESU's Scholarship Library

There are more than 300 scholarships for people studying in programs of The Teachers College. The search functions of ESU's Scholarship Library allow you to learn more about the many scholarships that may be available to you. Find them all here.