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Resources for Pre-Service Teacher Preparation

Mentor / Cooperating Teacher Resources

A Mentor/Cooperating Teacher in the school plays a very important role in shaping the teacher candidate with a professional attitude which will follow them into the teaching profession. The Mentor/Cooperating Teacher provides direct experiences by inviting the teacher candidate into their classroom, serving as a teacher and mentor to the new teacher candidate.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Shannon Hall, Director of Field Placement and Licensure, or Mary Benjamin, Administrative Specialist, in the Office of Field Placement Licensure (OFPL), phone 620- 341-5447.

For Cooperating Teachers (Secondary Education):

Cooperating/Mentor Teacher Training Manual.pdf

Instructions for Completing the STAR and Disposition Assessments

For Mentor Teachers (Elementary Education):

Instructions for Completing the STAR and Disposition Assessments

Elementary / Secondary Forms and Resources

If you are pursuing your bachelor's in education from Emporia State - be it in elementary or secondary - you need the information available from this page.