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Student-Athletes Make Great Teachers

Go Teach


Across the country we are facing teacher shortages. We need a qualified workforce of educators who also better reflect the growing diversity of our United States student population.


Studies show that student-athletes make great teachers and many want to become coaches. Creating a pathway for student-athletes to enter the teaching profession strengthens their career opportunities, supports teacher preparation programs on campus and supports local education throughout the communities we serve.


By providing athletic and academic departments a platform to assist with the marketing and recruitment of qualified student-athletes and other students into the teaching profession, we can make an immediate impact across the country.

The more qualified candidates we have enrolled in teacher preparation programs, the more great teachers we will have in our classrooms.


Through its partnerships, the College Football Playoff Foundation is dedicated to supporting teachers across America. The CFP Foundation’s primary cause, Extra Yard for Teachers, supports education by elevating the teaching profession.

For more information visit GoTeach Project #GOTEACH

If current trends continue, the U.S. will see a gap of more than 200,000 teachers annually by 2025, according to the Learning Policy Institute.

The goal of Go Teach is to place 10,000 college students into teaching careers in 10 years.

Benefits of Being a Teacher

  • Teaching at any level allows you to have access to multiple job opportunities. When you decide to pursue teaching as a career, then you can find a job almost anywhere in the world. The US Department of Defense operates 160 schools in 19 countries/states/territories across the globe.
  • Teachers sustain and build healthy, vibrant and caring communities - just like a team.
  • School districts offer annual stipends of up to several thousand dollars for teaching in a specialty area such as STEM - science, technology, engineering, math - or as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. There are many other unique opportunities - including coaching, advising, or overseeing a student activity that can supplement teacher salaries.
  • One of the greatest benefits is getting to really laugh every day. You never know what kids are going to say!
  • The ability to move whenever you like. Unlike a lot of jobs right now, teaching careers align with a more active lifestyle, and often require constant movement throughout the day.
  • Watching the “lightbulb" come on when a child learns a new concept. Teachers help to create moments of understanding for their students.
  • Teachers have "lightbulb" moments, too! As educators learn new strategies and more findings occur to understand how learning happens, teaching creates new knowledge through research and discovery to help be part of continued growth and development.
  • Never a dull moment! You will never have two days exactly the same – which is fantastic if you love variety or get bored easily. Your students come in with different needs, backgrounds, moods, and ideas.
  • The ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. Every day teachers walk into the classroom, providing them the chance to influence and change the lives of their students. The challenge lies in being unaware of the impact teachers have on individuals until long after their time in the classroom ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in Go Teach but I am not a student-athlete, can I still be a part of the program?

Yes, any student who enrolls into a pathway to a teaching degree or certificate can be a part of the GoTeach project. We need great teachers. Make sure you mention this to your academic advisor!

I’m currently a sport leadership and recreation major, is this a way to work in sports?

There are a lot of valuable skills gained through teaching or being a teacher coach, many that can translate well into a career in sports. However, the Go Teach Project is tailored specifically to those who want to get into the teaching profession.

I would like to be a teacher, but my athletic commitments and schedule prevent me from being available to do the required field work and substitute teaching. What can I do about that?

The Go Teach Project is addressing that very need. Reach out to your academic advisor and let them know that you are interested in a teaching career and that you would like to find out more about what alternative programs and timing of work might be available to you as a student-athlete as part of the Go Teach Project.

Is there a financial commitment to be a part of the Go Teach Project?

No. The Go Teach Project is an initiative to help recruit and attract the best students into the teaching profession. The schools that are part of the Go Teach Project use the tools provided by the College Football Playoff Foundation to attract students into paths to degrees and certificates within the teaching profession. The College Football Playoff Foundation plans to celebrate success stories of students who participated in the Go Teach Project and are making a great impact in the classroom.