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Impact of COVID-19 School Closings on Student Teachers

Impact of COVID-19 School Closings on Student Teachers

IMPACT of COVID-19 for Fall 2020 Student Teachers

Our goal at Emporia State University (ESU) is to help you stay healthy and to ensure that you complete the requirements for your program.

We understand that you likely have many questions about your Fall 2020 semester of student teaching.  We are working to help answer those questions as quickly as we can, while still ensuring that we provide you with accurate information.

Here are some updates for you as of August 2020: 

Student Teaching Placement: Public schools across Kansas will be determining if they are staying with the original start date or pushing back the first day of school.  Many schools are identifying options for K-12 students including traditional face-to-face teaching with social distancing guidelines, hybrid classes, online classes, and other methods.  Please check your public school’s website frequently as information becomes available.  If you have questions about your placement, please contact the person listed below for your program.

ETS: Emporia State University testing center, as well as many other testing centers, have re-opened.  In order to maintain the safety of testers and test center staff, some the following policy changes have been made.

  • Testers will be asked to wear masks inside the testing center when possible.
  • Test sessions will be limited to six testers to better maintain social distancing, and additional sessions will be provided.
  • The center and testing stations will also be sanitized before and after every test session. This means wait time for check in may be longer.

Please check this site for available testing sessions and policies. (Link to )

However, students may be eligible to take some of the Praxis tests from home. Visit this website to learn more about the equipment and environment requirements for Praxis testing:


This year, ESU will be using the online tool GoReact to conduct supervision of interns in order to reduce the number of visitors (supervisors) in the schools.

Please view the short Student Training Video here:

IT Help Support for GoReact can be contacted through this link:

Fingerprinting: There were several questions about the fingerprinting for your teaching license. We have reached out to KSDE with this question and are awaiting additional information. You do not need to have your fingerprinting completed to graduate for program completion (Restricted Licensure Interns). You only need your fingerprinting completed in order for your teaching license to be issued by KSDE. Fingerprinting has resumed in many places.  Please check with your local police station for appointment information.

Remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.  Stay safe and thank you for being flexible.

As more information becomes available, we will communicate with you as soon as we can.