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Restricted Licensure Testimonials

Restricted Licensure Testimonials

A teacher, Peter Cybula, stands in front of a bulletin board in his classroom.

Peter Cybula said the program at Emporia State University "is an excellent choice for anybody who, like me, wants to become an educator. I've attended colleges in Europe and in the northeast of the US and based on that experience, I can assert that Emporia's instructors have not only provided high quality instructions, but have also been extremely supportive and nice. Since I already have a MA, I had some previous knowledge of pedagogy, but I was lacking some theoretical and practical expertise in instructional design, special education and classroom management. The classes I have taken taught me necessary skills , introduced me to many educational techniques, which broadened my horizons and allowed me to feel more comfortable in a school setting and to move my teaching career forward. It is important to have enough self-discipline to manage the school material and reconcile it with teaching, but the Emporia's program offered flexibility, which allowed for the integration of work and study.  Emporia's TTP online program has turned out to be a perfect fit for me. I'm planning to continue the program to obtain my Master's in Education."

Michelle Carrell began ESU's Restricted Licensure program in Spring 2018, finishing it in Spring 2020. Michelle taught adaptive PE, serving 11 schools in her school district.

She started our Restricted Licensure program needing some content courses, and took those while teaching with her restricted license. Some days, she did not know how well she was doing, but her students were responding and progressing. Her ESU supervisors encouraged her, provided feedback and suggestions, which helped her to realize what a difference she was making in her students’ progress.

Michelle created an manual for adapted physical education at home that can be used by other teachers, and parents. Michelle is still teaching in the same school district today.

Melissa Reinhart

Melissa Reinhart began ESU's Restricted Licensure program in Fall 2019. Having a bachelor's in chemical engineering and spent time working in the industry, she was ready for a change. She quickly got a teaching job in school district near the Kansas City area.

Her journey into teaching started off rough because she stuck to school policies and was met with opposition from parents of students. At times, Melissa expressed her frustration and she questioned her decision to teach. However, with guidance from ESU supervisors, her school mentor, and school administrators she gained teaching pedagogy, used the teaching methods she was learning, and won the respect of her teaching colleagues as well as students and their parents over the remainder of the school year.