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From Start to Finish

Program Requirements

Decision Point 1: Program Admission Criteria

  1. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in the content area or with equivalent coursework; for the school counselor program, a graduate degree in the content area of counseling; and for library media, a graduate degree in the content area of library science;
  2. At least two years since the completion of the bachelor’s degree as shown on the official transcript (effective 2009-2010);
  3. GPA of 2.75 in content area courses for teaching; GPA of 3.25 in graduate work for school specialists (school counselor/school library);
  4. GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale for the last 60 semester hours of college coursework for becoming a teacher (effective Fall 2018);
  5. Restricted School Specialist License requires a minimum of three years of full-time professional counseling for school counseling or three years of full-time professional librarian experience for school librarian. This experience must have been after the master’s degree is awarded as shown on the official transcript;
  6. Application to graduate school for Master of Education degree with Restricted Licensure option, AND all official transcripts received in the graduate school;
  7. Receipt of official transcript showing award date of Bachelor’s degree two or more years prior to application for admission;
  8. Official Transcript Review (transcript review with <9 hours of content deficiencies (for School Counseling, Library Media, and lab-based sciences <12 hours);
  9. Verified Supervised Practical Experience (40 clock hours or more);
  10. Verification of passing score for Praxis content exam: official passing Praxis score on file prior to August 1 for Fall consideration; December 1 for Spring consideration;
  11. Documentation of a current, signed teaching contract for an appropriate teaching position in a state accredited Kansas school* (contract must be within the discipline of the degree awarded as as well as meet requirements and regulations for restricted licensure within the state of Kansas);
  12. Restricted Licensure Program Disclosure and Questionnaire submitted to the Restricted Licensure Program office.

* Contract must be with a state accredited school within the state of Kansas and within the discipline of degree awarded, as well as meet requirements and regulations for restricted licensure within the state of Kansas

** Transcript review with < 9 hours of content deficiencies. (For School Counseling and lab-based sciences < 12 hours.)

Decision Point 2: Internship Admission Criteria and Procedures

In order to be admitted into internship of the Restricted License program all requirements of Decision Point 1 must have been successfully met. Additionally, these items must have been received in the Restricted Licensure office:

  1. Successfully complete any summer coursework taken (part of 9 hours of education courses);
  2. Official passing Praxis content test scores on file prior to August 1 for Fall admittance; December 1 for Spring admittance;
  3. A signed contract for a teaching position within a state accredited Kansas school;
  4. A mentor teacher has been or will be assigned to the Restricted License candidate by the hiring school;
  5. A Restricted License application (Form 9) must have been completed and submitted to the hiring school district in Kansas;
  6. A Kansas background check must have been completed through the Kansas State Department of Education.

Candidates will work under the supervision of University Supervisors who will conduct evaluations and provide feedback.

Individual schools will be responsible for providing mentor(s) who will maintain daily support with assistance in routine responsibilities, peer coaching, modeling, and team teaching.

There are 12 semester hours of Internship coursework (6 semester hours each semester – ED 893 & ED 894 for teachers; CE 881 for school counselors; LI 876 & LI 877 for school librarians).

Due to being part of a graduate degree, while in the Restricted Licensure Program, a 3.00 cumulative GPA each semester is required. Failure to do so can result in probationary status or dismissal from the program.

During the second internship teaching candidates will successfully complete and pass the Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP). Candidates may be recommended for licensure at the end of the first year if all program and licensure requirements have been completed, but may have up to two years to complete the program if certain criteria exist.

Candidates will be required to attend a summer orientation, and two seminars conducted on-site at the University during the school year and participate in an online internship in Canvas (ESU's online coursework platform).

Decision Point 3: Continuance in the Program

The following are required for continuance in the program during the first or into the second year of teaching:

  1. Pass the Praxis Content Exam if a school specialist; Continuing teaching/specialist contract with the employing Kansas school district;
  2. Continue to maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA each semester and throughout the program;
  3. Adequate progress in the program (coursework, teaching performance, etc.);
  4. Recommendation of the administration of the employing school;
  5. Recommendation of the University Supervisors.

Decision Point 4: Program Completion

To be recommended for licensure, candidates must:

  1. Pass the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam (State licensure exam for teachers only; school specialists do not need to take this exam)
  2. Successfully complete the Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP) - Teachers only, school specialists do not complete the TLP
  3. Successfully complete the internship
  4. Meet Kansas licensure requirements
  5. Successfully complete required coursework, seminars and other requirements
  6. Receive recommendation of the employing district

After earning licensure, you can choose to continue with your Master of Education in Teaching (M.Ed.).

The Restricted License Program is not available to anyone having completed an approved teacher education program from another institution in Kansas, another state or country. Please direct questions to the Kansas State Department of Education (785-296-2288) regarding how a Kansas license may be achieved with your earned degree and institution verification.