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Kansas Test Requirements

Praxis Test

Important items to note about the Praxis:

  • The Praxis content test must be passed before a restricted teaching license will be issued.
  • Please note all of the tests are available in digital formats.
  • Be sure to review the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website to obtain the correct test code number. Also, please note the testing dates are subject to change by ETS so be sure to check the ETS website for current testing date information.

ETS test information and dates available at Emporia State

  • Kansas requires a passing score from one of the four Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) assessments and the appropriate content assessment(s) for the initial educator license. You should choose the most appropriate PLT test for your level of licensure or level of specialization.
  • The PLT must be passed by end of the first year of internship.
  • The PLT is not a requirement for Restricted School Specialists.
  • Emporia State University must be a score recipient. Our code is 6335.
  • Register to take the Praxis at Educational Testing Service (ETS).
  • Passing praxis Score reports received directly from ETS must be received at ESU no later than August 1 for a Fall admission consideration or by December 1 for a Spring admission consideration.
  • To prepare to take a Praxis test, you can take a scheduled Live Praxis Webinar from

The Restricted License Program is not available to anyone having completed an approved teacher education program from another institution in Kansas, another state or country. Please direct questions to the Kansas State Department of Education (785-296-2288) regarding how a Kansas license may be achieved with your earned degree and institution verification.