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Definitions + Regulations

Below are terms as defined by the Kansas Department of Education. (KSDE Regulations and Standards for Kansas Educators.pdf)

Relevant regulations for Restricted Licenses are also in the above-mentioned document:  91-1-201(j-k); 91-1-202(j); and 91-1-203(h-i).

Alternative teacher education program - a program to prepare persons to teach by a means other than the traditional, college-based, approved program

Content assessment - an assessment designated by the state board to measure subject matter knowledge for an endorsement

Deficiency plan - a detailed schedule of instruction from an approved program that, if completed, will qualify an individual for full endorsement in a subject. The individual who is to receive the instruction and a representative of the institution at which the instruction is to be given shall sign each deficiency plan

Endorsement - the legend printed on each license that identifies the subject in which an individual has specialization

Initial license - the first license that an individual holds to begin practice while preparing for the professional license

Licensure - the granting of access to practice teaching, administration, or school services in Kansas public schools

Local education agency (LEA) - any governmental agency authorized or required by state law to provide education to children, including each unified school district, special education cooperative, school district interlocal, state school, and school institution

Mentor - a teacher or administrator who holds a professional license assigned by an LEA to provide support, modeling, and conferencing to a beginning professional

Pedagogical assessment - an assessment designated by the state board to measure teaching knowledge

Restricted teaching license - a license that allows an individual limited access to practice under a special arrangement among the individual, a Kansas teacher education institution, and an LEA

Subject - a specific teaching area within a general instructional field

Teacher education institution - a college or university that has an accredited administrative unit for the purpose of preparing teachers

Valid credit and credit - a semester hour of credit earned in, or validated by, a college or university that is on the accredited list maintained by the state board

Restricted Teaching and Restricted School Specialist License

To see current KSDE Regulations for Restricted Licenses, visit the KSDE web site, select "Regulations and Standards for Kansas Educators." Relevant regulations are: 91-1-201(j-k); 91-1-202(j); and 91-1-203(h-i).

The Restricted License Program is not available to anyone having completed an approved teacher education program from another institution in Kansas, another state or country. Please direct questions to the Kansas State Department of Education (785-296-2288) regarding how a Kansas license may be achieved with your earned degree and institution verification.