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Professional Requirements

Provisional Licenses

A provisional license is a "temporary" type of license which attaches to a valid Kansas teaching license.

A provisional license means an individual is currently enrolled in a program toward a new endorsement area or new license area and also has been hired by a Kansas school to teach or serve in this new endorsement or license area. If you have not been hired by a Kansas school to teach in the requested provisional area, KSDE will not issue a provisional license without verification from a hiring district.

You may apply for a provisional license from the KSDE web site. Once you have successfully applied, your application will be routed through the school district where your employment can be verified. Afterwards, the form is routed through ESU’s Licensure Officer for licensure recommendation.

  • For a special education provisional license, you must have completed coursework in the areas of methodology and the characteristics of exceptional children and special education, and completion of a practicum in the specific special education field.
  • For another teaching endorsement, you must have completed at least 50% of the approved program in the requested endorsement field.
  • For school specialists (school counseling, library media, and reading specialists), you must have completed at least 50 percent of your coursework toward the master's degree.
  • Direct Entry (formerly called Parallel Pathways) school counselor candidates and school leadership candidates are not eligible for a provisional license, according to KSDE regulations.