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Adding to Your License

Endorsements through Testing

Adding Endorsements by Testing Only

Endorsements can be added to a Kansas license by taking and passing a Praxis test.

  • Certain Praxis tests are excluded from this: elementary, early childhood, special education, and any of the specialists and leadership licenses.
  • KSDE currently uses Educational Testing Service (ETS) as the assessments for the Kansas license.
  • You must check the KSDE web site and/or ETS website to be sure that the Praxis test you desire to add by testing can be added in this manner.
  • Some endorsements/licenses can only be added by completing the approved program and by passing the state required Praxis test.

The list of Kansas required assessments can be found at

ESU also requires these tests for any Initial Teaching license to be considered a Program Completer. This list is maintained by ETS with communication from KSDE regarding the current assessments required for Kansas licensing. ESU has no control over these tests as these are state of Kansas requirements.

If you have received your passing score on the appropriate Kansas required Praxis test for the teaching endorsement you wish to add to your currently valid teaching license, you can apply to add this endorsement by completing Form 22, available at here. To apply, follow the instructions provided by KSDE.