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Shannon Hall

Shannon Hall

Director of The Teachers College Office of Field Placement and Licensure
Director of Alternate Route Licensing Program

Campus Box 4036

Building Visser Hall

Room 208E

  • 620-341-5652

Shannon Hall began serving as the Office of Field Placement, Licensure and Restricted Licensure Director in August 2014. She was ESU’s licensure officer for almost eight years before becoming the director. As director, she is involved with placing students for student teaching, practicum placements, and other field experiences. She works closely with the university supervisors and with university faculty in planning student teacher and restricted licensure meetings. She also directs the Restricted Licensure program and works with individuals changing careers to become a teacher to prepare for and seek employment in a state accredited Kansas school. These individuals work with her to meet the state regulations for a Restricted Teaching/School Specialist License in order to complete a teacher education program in an alternative pathway to a license.