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We are here to provide you the platform to prepare you for your professional career in fields serving and within K-12 schools.

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The academic programs we offer for K-12 schools - and beyond - are listed below on this page.

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Degrees Offered

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Rehabilitation Services, General & Special Education

Certificate Program

This interdisciplinary online program helps professionals who work with persons with ASD and their family members develop the knowledge and skills needed to do so effectively. This program is taught by faculty specializing in Special Education.

Educational Administration Building-Level


The Educational Administration building-level licensure-only program qualifies you for Building-Level administrator licensure endorsement. If you already hold a master's degree, you can complete the program as licensure only. The admission and program requirements are the same for both the MS degree and licensure-only (non-degree) programs.

Educational Administration

Master of Science

Our accredited programs are carefully designed to reflect current knowledge, including existing and envisioned practices in constituent institutions and clearly delineated models. Curricular coherence is strengthened through faculty study and dialogue on purpose, course content, and intended student-learning outcomes. Offered online.



Coaching a sport is one of the best ways to positively influence the lives of others. HPER’s Coaching minor is one of only 10 higher-education programs in the country to be nationally accredited. It is the most active and largest coaching program in Kansas.

Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Leadership Pre K-12-Online Accelerated

Concentration, Master of Science

This accelerated, fully-online graduate program was designed for the working professional and can be completed in as little as one year.

District-Level Administration


The District-Level Certification is an 18-hour program intended for individuals currently licensed at the building level for educational administration. Classes are available online during the summer semester only and the practicum is offered online during the fall and spring semesters. A minimum of two summer courses must be successfully completed before starting practicum.

Early Childhood Unified

Master of Science

Current federal mandates and trends in public schools recognize the growing importance of early childhood special education services for children from birth through age eight and their families. Teachers with advanced training in their field will be in a favored position to usher in best practices for young children. Graduate degree. Offered online.

Early Childhood Unified (Birth - K)


Educators with advanced training in their field will be in a favored position to usher in best practices for young children with this license.

Early Childhood Unified (Birth - 8)


Become licensed in early childhood and use your skills to work with children with this license.

eLearning and Online Teaching

Certificate Program

eLearning continues to gain momentum and popularity in the corporate, military, and healthcare sectors, as well as in post-secondary and K-12 education. This certificate program provides online learning designers and teachers with research-based, best practices in online teaching and learning.

Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science in Education

Early in the elementary teacher education program students explore the teaching profession, issues in education, and the nature of children in the classroom through the Introduction to Teaching course. Upon completion of coursework at Emporia State, students receive a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree.

Elementary Education

Master of Science

The master’s degree in elementary education at Emporia State is designed for career changers who are interested in teaching elementary school. With online courses and a clinical experience placement near you, you can earn a master’s degree without changing locations. In as little as two years, you will be eligible for an elementary education teaching license. When you finish your degree, you will enter the teaching profession at the master’s degree level on the pay scale. A background in the education field is not required.

Elementary STEM

Certificate Program

If you want to bring hands-on, engaging STEM instruction into your elementary classroom, while at the same time increasing your own content knowledge, consider our graduate STEM certificate program. Offered entirely online.

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Master of Science

This fully online program is designed for students interested in advancing their education and career opportunities in the areas of HPER and Sport Coaching. This degree does not lead to teaching licensure.

Health Education

Bachelor of Science in Education

Health education teachers are instrumental in the well-being and healthy development of today’s youth. This program will prepare you to teach Health in schools from kindergarten all the way through high school. This is offered as a second teaching field only and must be taken with another teaching field.

Instructional Design and Technology

Master of Science

Some individuals with an IDT degree serve as instructional designers/trainers in business, industry, healthcare, military, and post-secondary institutions; charged with training, development, and eLearning programs within their organizations. Others are practicing P-12 educators who wish to improve the quality of curriculum, instruction, and student learning through integrating technology into the classroom. These are fully online programs.

Instructional Specialist, Elementary Content Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

This program is intended for the teaching practitioner in settings from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood. The elementary content concentration allows the practitioner to strengthen their teaching in core elementary subject areas. Offered online and at the Olathe school district.

Instructional Specialist, Elementary STEM Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

This program provides you with coursework including educational foundations and all areas of STEM, with opportunities for customization of the program through STEM electives. Offered online and in the Olathe school district.

Instructional Specialist, Reading Specialist Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

This program, based on the International Reading Association standards, is intended for the teaching practitioner in settings from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood. You will learn to deal more effectively with diverse learners and move from theory to best practice in the field. The Reading Specialist PK-12 serves practicing teachers, elementary or secondary, who wish to acquire initial reading specialist licensure with a master’s degree in Kansas. This program is offered entirely online and at the Olathe school district.

National Board Certification

Graduate Certificate

National Board Certification is a way for the teaching profession to recognize highly accomplished teaching practice. This program mentors NBCT candidates through face-to-face meetings, phone, and email with a dedicated expert in the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

Physical Education


Through a select series of sports science classes, the Physical Education minor provides students with a solid foundation in the principles of exercise training and sport skills. This is a non-teaching minor.

Psychology Education-Teaching

Bachelor of Science in Education

This teaching field prepares the student to teach psychology at the secondary level (middle and high school). This plan consists of 24 hours of required psychology courses. A second teaching field is required.

Psychology of Learning

Certificate Program

The graduate certificate program in the Psychology of Learning is meant for teaching professionals in community colleges and secondary settings. Offered online.

School Counseling

Master of Science

The purpose of the School Counseling program is to prepare counselors to provide support services at the elementary, middle and/or high school levels. Our curriculum is designed for individuals wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adolescents. With about half of our courses offered online, our program is designed to meet the needs of full-time students and working professionals.

School Psychology (EdS)

Educational Specialist

To completed the Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology, you must have already completed a master's in School Psychology. The Educational Specialist program takes you one step further and is considered the entry-level degree for School Psychology positions in most states.

Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science in Education

Our secondary education program prepares you to teach at the middle and high school levels. As a secondary education student, you first select the teaching field(s) in which you would like to teach. You are then advised by a faculty member in that teaching field/content area(s).

Special Education, Gifted, Talented, and Creative Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

Research shows teachers with training in gifted education are more likely to encourage students' higher-level thinking, allow for greater expression, consider individual student strengths and weaknesses, and provide a variety of learning experiences to challenge students. This Master of Science in Special Education, concentration/endorsement in Gifted, Talented and Creative is for K-6, 6-12, PreK-12 educators. Offered online.

Special Education, High Incidence Concentration

Master of Science

The graduate degree program in high incidence special education at Emporia State is designed to support the needs of the students, teachers, schools, and special education administrators in Kansas. Offered entirely online.


Master of Education

The Master of Education in Teaching helps teachers, library/media specialists, and school counselors develop their skills and knowledge of teaching. Offered as a graduate level program online.

Teaching with Technology

Certificate Program

An option for teachers wishing to learn more about integrating technology into teaching, this certificate provides you with a comprehensive understanding of instructional theories and models, as well as an in-depth look at essential technology tools for the classroom.