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Counseling and Psychology Careers

The many paths to becoming a mental health care professional through Emporia State University

Emporia State University offers a number of paths to becoming a mental health care professional. Follow the links below to learn more.

Art Therapy and Clinical Counseling, Dual Curriculum

Master of Science

The MS in Clinical Counseling prepares students to serve individuals and families experiencing a range of social justice and wellness concerns. This collaborative endeavor between two graduate programs is designed to allow students to achieve two masters degrees within three years of study. Offered on campus.

Art Therapy and Clinical Psychology, Dual Curriculum

Master of Science

There are 30 shared credit hours between the Art Therapy Counseling and Master of Science in Clinical Psychology programs. Through completing a three-year curriculum, students will receive both a Master of Science in Art Therapy Counseling AND a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling.

Art Therapy Counseling

Master of Science

Art Therapy offers several advantages verbal therapy cannot. Through the creation of art, one can express thoughts, feelings, and conflicts that cannot be easily expressed through words. At ESU, you can choose to study for an MS in Art Therapy or select one of our two dual degree programs, combining Art Therapy with Clinical Counseling or Clinical Psychology.

Art Therapy, Post-Master's

Master of Science

The post-master’s Master of Science in Art Therapy is designed for professionals already holding a master’s degree in a related master's licensed field, such as social work or counseling, who would like to pursue a dual identity as an art therapist.

Child Maltreatment and Family Violence

Bachelor of Science, Concentration

The concentration in Child Maltreatment and Family Violence is recommended for students interested in expanding their knowledge and education in the area of child abuse and domestic violence, and training and field experience in serving this population.

Clinical Counseling

Master of Science

Prepares graduates to provide individual and group therapy in a variety of settings including substance abuse, crisis intervention, marriage and family, children and adolescents, veterans and career counseling. Graduate program – hybrid offering comprised of online and on-campus.

Clinical Counseling, Clinical Addictions Counseling Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

The Master of Science in Clinical Counseling with a concentration in Clinical Addictions Counseling is a hybrid graduate degree, allowing students to complete the program with a combination of on campus and online coursework.

Clinical Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

Our Master of Science in Clinical Counseling with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling is offered in a hybrid format, allowing students to complete coursework through a combination of online and on campus classes.

Clinical Counseling, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration

Master of Science, Concentration

State University's Clinical Counseling with a Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration offers four options to study: generalist, deaf and hard of hearing persons, autism spectrum disorder, or autism spectrum disorder post-master's certificate.

Clinical Psychology

Master of Science

This generalist training program is taught by faculty who have extensive real-world clinical experience in a variety of settings. You will have considerable latitude to pursue areas of interest, especially while on internship. This degree prepares you for a professional career in clinical psychology or to enter a doctoral program in psychology.



The minor provides you the most current knowledge, skills and competencies in psychology and related fields. Careers related to this include statistics, public relations, social work, mental health, human resources.

Psychology - BA

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. in Psychology is a good option for candidates who want to explore other disciplines, such as literature, political science, or writing in greater depth. This might be used to ready them for a specialized field such an entry into non-profit work, journalism, social work, or counseling. It also well positions candidates who are striving to be bilingual, which is an area of need in human services work.

Psychology - BS

Bachelor of Science

The B.S. in Psychology is a good option for candidates who want to emphasize their research and writing skills, or emphasize biology and other science areas. Such candidates often have an eye toward further graduate study in psychology or related disciplines, especially in STEM fields. This degree is often pursued by those who enjoy math and science, and see themselves in an analytical or technical field.

Psychology, Educational Psychology Concentration

Master of Science, Concentration

This 30-credit hour program focuses on the psychology of learning, including topics such as instructional methods, disabilities, and gifted students.

Psychology Education-Teaching

Bachelor of Science in Education

This teaching field prepares the student to teach psychology at the secondary level (middle and high school). This plan consists of 24 hours of required psychology courses. A second teaching field is required.

Psychology, Experimental Psychology Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

This concentration is offered within our MS Psychology program, and has been developed with both online and on-campus coursework focusing on research-oriented psychology.

Psychology of Learning

Certificate Program

The graduate certificate program in the Psychology of Learning is meant for teaching professionals in community colleges and secondary settings. Offered online.

Psychology, School Psychology Concentration

Concentration, Master of Science

This 30-credit hour program offers coursework both online and on campus, emphasizing a diverse range of topics addressing student needs. The Master of Science in Psychology program requires 15 credit hours of core curriculum, with an additional 15 credit hours in the school psychology concentration.

School Counseling

Master of Science

The purpose of the School Counseling program is to prepare counselors to provide support services at the elementary, middle and/or high school levels. Our curriculum is designed for individuals wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adolescents. With about half of our courses offered online, our program is designed to meet the needs of full-time students and working professionals.

Trauma-Informed Education: Social-Emotional Learning & Psychological Well-Being Certificate


This 18 credit hour certificate program will further educators, mental health professionals and others in the science of social-emotional learning, development, and interventions, and aspects related to diversity and systems change. This program can be completed entirely online, or with face-to-face course options available.

School Psychology (EdS)

Educational Specialist

To completed the Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology, you must have already completed a master's in School Psychology. The Educational Specialist program takes you one step further and is considered the entry-level degree for School Psychology positions in most states.