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Discovery Book Club

The purpose of the club is to provide an incentive and recognition system for Kansas students to read and improve their performance in reading.

The Lexile Framework for Reading allows educators to match students to the appropriate level of challenging text. In addition, most reading achievement assessments also report the results in lexile levels. We believe using lexile levels eliminates the time it takes to document number of words, pages, and books read and affords teachers maximum flexibility to nominate students who have practiced reading and demonstrated growth across the year.

How the Kansas Mason’s Discovery Book Club Works:

Teachers identify their students who have increased their reading level as measured by Lexile Levels by approximately 100 Lexile Levels; teacher discretion is encouraged. The teacher then completes the brief application using the Exemplary Teacher and Student Award.

Students are motivated to read when they have a goal and are recognized for achieving that goal. Please support your students who are achieving in reading by nominating them for the Exemplary Student Award through the Kansas Mason’s Discovery Book Club.