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Principles & Target Schools

Guiding Principles & Pillars


Literacy is the gateway to success in life. Literacy begins at birth and continues throughout adulthood. Literacy encompasses all modes of language: reading writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing. All six modes will be instrumental in the practices of the Kansas Masonic Literacy Center. Literacy develops through engagement and discussion; that is, meaning is paramount.

Family & Culture
Literacy growth is multi-generational. Literacy development begins in the natural environment of a family unit.

Social Interactions
Literacy develops through interactions with parents, care givers, peers, and the culture in general.

Developmentally Appropriate
Literacy and language are acquired over the course of the life-time. Understanding and recognizing the developmental stages of literacy is key.

Learning Experiences
Everyone needs literacy support at one time or another throughout her/his literacy encounters in life. All learners are entitled to high-quality literacy experiences in a variety of formats in order to support this process.

Research provides the theoretical foundation for literacy.

Target Schools

Target schools are selected based on having challenging state ELA assessment scores, high rates and poverty rates of ELL learners. Target schools are selected from schools grouped in Masonic areas of Kansas to help meet our statewide mission.

KMLC Target Schools