Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Program of Study

NOTE: All MA-TESOL coursework is only offered online.

Core Courses - 21 hrs


Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

TS 700 

Linguistics for Language Teachers


TS 701

Introduction to Graduate Research


TS 719

Language Assessment & Evaluation


TS 720

Second Language Acquisition   


TS 730

Cross-Cultural Communication


TS 734

Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language         


TS 735

Practicum in TESOL  



Program Electives - 12 hrs


TS 710



TS 770

Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition 


TS 780

Structure of English 


TS 790

Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching



Open Electives - 3 hrs required


ED 535

Cultural Awareness for Educators


IT 700

Foundations of Instructional Technology  


EG 715

Seminar in Rhetoric 


EG 770

Seminar in Linguistics


EL 721

Reading Theory and Literacy Practices: Elementary 


EL 723

Reading Theory and Literacy Practices: Secondary


ED 837

Brain-Based learning for educators


EG 790

Seminar in Pedagogy 


TS 732

Special Topics in TESOL


EL 821

Reading Curriculum Development and Strategies



Thesis - 6 hrs


TS 800

Thesis Hours


Students who choose to do the 6-hour Thesis will take only 9 credit hours from Program Electives and will NOT take any Open Elective credit hours.


Total Required Credits



Requirements for Degree Candidacy & Completion

Students who have met the admission requirements, submitted an approved degree plan/advisement form, and completed a minimum of six credit hours of course work in the graduate program will be admitted to degree candidacy. Please note some materials listed below need to be completed the semester before you anticipate graduation.

  1. Completion of all 21 Core Course credits successfully.

  2. Completion of all 12 Program Electives credits successfully. (Students who choose to do the 6-hour Thesis will take only 9 credit hours from Program Electives and will NOT take any Open Elective credit hours.)

  3. Completion of 3 Open Electives credits successfully (unless the candidate chose the thesis option).

  4. Successful completion of the TESOL Content PRAXIS Exam (Code 5362) with a score of 149 or higher. You can find more information about this exam at http://www.ets.org/praxis/ks.

  5. All candidates must complete the degree with a total GPA of 3.0 (grades of C will have to be balanced with As and Bs to achieve an overall 3.0). Otherwise, the candidate will be advised to re-take a class (or classes) to meet this condition.

  6. A total of 36 credit hours must be completed for both thesis and non-thesis option candidates.

  7. When a candidate is conditionally admitted, they are given a list of courses in which they MUST earn a grade of “B” or better before they are officially admitted to the program.

  8. All candidates must file an Intent to Graduate Form with the Graduate School by the following deadlines:
    - March 1 for Summer graduation,
    - July 1 for Fall, and
    - November 1 for Spring.

    For more information, visit this web site