Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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The TESOL Teacher education program reflects the mission of The Teachers College and personnel preparation unit of Emporia State University. The unit developed a new conceptual framework titled “The Professional” with program goals, outcomes, and assessment procedures that build on our earlier program goals, outcomes and assessment procedures.  This new conceptual framework captures the continuing philosophy that for educators to help all students learn, they must have a command of content, critical ideas and skills, and the capacity to reflect on, evaluate, and learn from their practice so that it continually improves.  The unit embraces the idea that while successful professionals can be highly effective in different ways, common proficiencies draw on shared understanding of how to foster student learning.  


The University is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. The ESOL teacher licensure program is accredited by KSDE and the teacher education unit of ESU is accredited by NCATE.

Licensure Level and Subject:
The program is designed to allow Kansas-certified teachers to apply 15 credit hours to obtain a licensure in TESOL. However, it is NOT required to have a teaching certification to join the MATESOL program.