Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Admission Requirements

To get started, you must:

  • as a candidate to teach in elementary or secondary public schools in the state of Kansas and be a junior with at least a 2.5 GPA with no more than one D in content courses
  • download the undergraduate advisement form here
  • fill out and send the advisement form to program advisor Dr. Sehlaoui for approval  

Please notice what classes are offered, when, and whether they have a pre-requisite. Once your coursework plan is approved you can enroll in classes by calling the Office of Distance Education at 1-877-332-4249 or by emailing distance@emporia.edu. Find out more from Distance Education... 

Notification of specific ESL requirements is done by the candidate's advisor and is reinforced during subsequent advising sessions with the TESOL teacher education advisor, Dr. Sehlaoui. An advisement form is used for this purpose. Candidates are advised into an appropriate beginning sequence of courses that is intended to lead to a successful experience. Usually candidates have been advised to differentiate between ESOL as a concentration area and ESOL as an area of licensure/certification. Following declaration of ESOL as an area of licensure by candidates, the director of the TESOL Teacher Education Programs maintains a list of such candidates. Students are made aware of program requirements from the beginning and their progress is monitored to ensure they complete their program in a timely and accurate manner. 


Program Completion Requirements 

  • complete the 15 total hours of coursework once your advisement form is approved
  • complete the TESOL practicum during your regular student teaching
  • pass the Praxis ESOL Exam (Test Code 5362) with a qualifying score of 149 -
    Upon completion of the program coursework, ALL candidates MUST take the Kansas State Department of Education standardized test for ESOL teachers if they are seeking a licensure or certification in this field. The required test is the Praxis II ESOL Content Test Code 5362. You must earn a minimum score of 149 to pass. Please remember to list "Emporia State University" as one of your score recipients when you sign up for the test. You may want to check with the Office of Field Placement and Licensure at 620-341-5447Learn more...