Department of
School Leadership / Middle and Secondary Teacher Education

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Curriculum & Instruction

Program of Study

Unless previous graduate credit has been approved and/or specific courses waived, the program of study for the Curriculum & Instruction master's degree include the following courses. Except where indicated, courses are offered every semester.

ED 820 Curriculum Leadership: Models & Strategies 3 hrs
ED 833 Beliefs, Values & Issues in Educational Practices 3 hrs
ED 805 Restructuring Classrooms with Technology 2 hrs
ED 837 Brain-Based Learning for Educators 3 hrs
ED 535 Cultural Awareness for Educators 3 hrs
ED 887 Developing Authentic Assessments
(this course is offered in the Fall & Spring semesters)
3 hrs
ED 879 Classroom Management Through Positive Reinforcement
(this course is offered in the Fall & Spring semesters)
2 hrs
ER 752 Analysis of Research 3 hrs
ED 895 Practicum in Curriculum & Instruction
(this course is offered in the Fall or Spring semester)
3 hrs
TOTAL 25 hrs


Required for Curriculum Leadership Area of Concentration (9 hrs):

EA 830 School Leadership Theory
(course offered every semester online)
3 hrs
ED 865 Advanced Theory and Practice in Teaching
(course offered Spring semester online)
3 hrs
ED 886 Designing Instructional Programs
(course offered Fall semester online)
3 hrs


Electives for Effective Practitioner Area of Concentration:

This concentration requires nine additional credits of advisor approved electives of courses with numbers above 700.


Required for National Board Certification Concentration (9 hrs):

ED 842 NBC Portfolio Development
(contact Alvin Peters)
3 hrs
ED 843 NBC School-Based Project
(contact Alvin Peters)
6 hrs