Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs


Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology requires 18 hours (in additional to PY 100). Twelve hours are specified by the department, the other six hours are electives.

To pursue a minor in psychology, please visit the Psychology Advising and Career Information Center (Visser Hall 311) to complete a minor contract.

Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered
PY 210 Psychology of Development 3 hrs Fall / Spring

PY 322


PY 343



Cognitive Psychology

3 hrs


3 hrs

Fall / Summer


Spring /Summer

PY 427 Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs Fall / Spring / Summer
PY 440
Psychological Testing 3 hrs Fall / Spring
Elective Courses
Six hours of electives may be selected from other required courses in the BA/BS psychology major list and/or from the same list of electives as the psychology majors. (Electives exclude PY 100 and PY 334) 6 hrs
Total Hours 18 hrs


NOTE: Students graduating as psychology majors or minors or with a psychology teaching field must have a minimum grade of C for all courses on their contract. PY100 is taken as a general education requirement.