Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE)
Psychology Teaching Field

This teaching field prepares the student to teach psychology at the secondary level (middle and high school). PY 100 Introductory Psychology and PY 211 Developmental Psychology are counted in the general education requirements in the departmental major.

This plan consists of 24 hours of required psychology courses. A second teaching field is required.

Undergraduate Psychology Handbook


Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Course Hrs Semester Offered Suggested Yr
PY 300 Descriptive Research and Statistics 3 hrs Fall / Spring Sophomore

PY 301

Experimental Research and Inferential Statistics

3 hrs

Fall / Spring


PY 322 Learning 3 hrs Spring / Summer Junior
PY 333
Social Psychology 3 hrs Fall / Spring Junior
PY 401 Foundations of Psychology 3 hrs Spring / Summer Senior
PY 427 Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs Fall / Spring / Summer Junior
PY 440 Psychological Testing 3 hrs Fall / Spring Sophomore
PY 506 Methods for Teaching Psychology 3 hrs Fall Senior
Total Hours 24 hrs


NOTE: Students graduating as psychology majors or minors or with a psychology teaching field must have a minimum grade of C for all courses on their contract. PY100 is taken as a general education requirement.