Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

A Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Emporia State requires a total of 42 credit hours with 30 hours specified by the department and 12 hours of electives.

The student is required to complete a second program of study of at least 15 hours in another discipline (cognate area) for both the BA and BS psychology degrees.

Bachelor of Arts majors have 10 additional credit hours in one foreign language requirements and 6 additional credit hours in liberal arts requirements (i.e., Introduction to Literature and Introduction to Philosophy).

All psychology majors/minors (or those with a psychology teaching field) must earn a “C” grade or better in all of their required and elective psychology course (including PY 100) on their degree plan/contract.

PY 100 Introductory Psychology, counted in the general education requirements rather than in the departmental major, is a prerequisite to all other psychology courses. 

Undergraduate Psychology Handbook


Required Courses - 30 hours

PY 101 Introductory Psychology Laboratory 1 hr
PY 210 Psychology of Development 3 hrs
PY 300 Descriptive Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology 3 hrs
PY 301 Experimental Research and Inferential Statistics 3 hrs
PY 322 Learning 3 hrs
PY 343 Cognitive Psychology 3 hrs
PY 401 Foundations of Psychology 3 hrs
PY 427 Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs
PY 440 Psychological Testing 3 hrs
PY 490 Undergraduate Psychology Internship 4 hrs

PY 102


PY 502

Introduction to the Psychology Major


The Professional Psychologist

1 hr


1 hr


Electives - 12 hours

PY 102 Introduction to the Psychology Major

1 hr

PY 203 Special Topics in Applied Psychology 1-3 hrs
PY 303 Special Topics in Undergraduate Psychology 1-3 hrs
PY 333
Social Psychology 3 hrs
PY 403 Independent Study 3 hrs
PY 432 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3 hrs
PY 502 The Professional Psychologist 1 hr
PY 503 Special Topics in Psychology 1-3 hrs
PY 506 Methods for Teaching Psychology 3 hrs
PY 520 Statistics I 3 hrs
PY 560 Physiological Psychology 3 hrs
PY 570 Sensation and Perception 3 hrs
PY 624 Theories of Motivation 3 hrs
PY 626 Theories of Personality 3 hrs
PY 700 Advanced General Psychology 3 hrs
PY 703 Special Topics in Graduate Psychology 3 hrs
PY 707 Memory 3 hrs
PY 708 Brain Function and Dysfunction 3 hrs
PY 709 Introduction to Neuropsychology 1 hr
SD 550 Survey of Exceptionality 3 hrs