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VH - Visser Hall   |    EC - Earl Center   |    PE - Health, Physical Education, Recreation Bldg

Name Email Office Web / CV
Ken Weaver, Dean, The Teachers College email VH 211 web / CV 5367
Joan Brewer, Associate Dean email VH 211 5367
Debra Rittgers, Senior Administrative Assistant email VH 211 5367
Gwen Spade, Executive Associate email VH 211 5367
Center for Early Childhood Education
Jennie Long, Interim Director email VH 339 5773
Community Counseling Services
Tarrah Lattimer, Administrative Assistant email EC 238 5789
Department of Counselor Education
Katrina Miller, Chair and Professor email EC 252A web 5231
Carleen Dvorak, Administrative Specialist email EC 252 web 5220
Tarrah Lattimer, Administrative Assistant email EC 236 5799
Carrie Boettcher, Instructor email EC 214 web 5797
James Costello, Associate Professor email VH 306 web 5791
Brittany Dennis, Assistant Professor email EC 208 5089
Basil Kessler, Assistant Professor email EC 223 5751
Robert Kircher, Coordinator of School Counseling, Assistant Professor email EC 213 web 5798
Mike McEchron, Instructor email EC 214 web 5797
Damara Paris, Associate Professor and Coordinator of RC48 Online email EC 222 web 5668
Libby Schmanke, Clinical Instructor email EC 221 web 5804
Ceara Shaughnessy, Assistant Professor email EC 238 web 5789
Jessica Stallings, Associate Professor email EC 206 web 5810
Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro, Professor and Coordinator of Art Therapy email EC 225 web 5809
Department of Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education
Matt Seimears, Department Chair and Professor email VH 241 web 6057
Jerry Liss, Associate Department Chair and Associate Professor email VH 320 web
Sharon Pittman, Administrative Specialist email VH 241 web 5445
Rachel Krueger, Administrative Specialist email VH 241 web 5750
Catherine Ayantoye, Assistant Professor email VH 342 web 5093
Karen Bates, Assistant Professor email Kansas City web 5445
Lendi Bland, Instructor email VH 235 web 5753
Marj Bock, Professor email VH 305 web 5831
Mari Caballero, Instructor and PDS Coordinator email web 5445
Heather Caswell, Associate Professor email VH 236 web 5783
Gerry Coffman, Professor email VH 240 web 5758
Beth Dobler, Professor and PDS Coordinator email VH 341 E web 5762
Nelda Epp, Clinical Instructor and Director of Reading & Academic Success Center email VH 222 web 5495
Sonja Ezell, Associate Professor email VH 241 web 5445
Tiffany Hill, Assistant Professor email web 5445
Deb Larson, Associate Professor email VH 231 web 5740
Jennie Long, Assistant Professor email VH 336 web 5773
Lawrence Lyman, Professor email VH 239 web 5763
Lori Mann, Associate Professor email VH 237 web 5754
Stephanie Metzger, Instructor email VH 339 web 5373
Kathryn Mickelson, Instructor email VH 350 web 5832
Kelly O’Neal-Hixson, Associate Professor email VH 307 web 5856
Stephanie Perez, Elementary Education Advising Coordinator email VH 225 web 5770
Connie Phelps, Professor email VH 233 web 5817
Melissa Reed, Associate Professor email VH 234 web 5793
Gary Rice, Associate Professor email VH 348 web 5759
Todd Roberts, BEST Advisor and PDS Supervisor email VH 241 web 5445
Teddy Roop, BEST Advisor and Assistant Professor email El Dorado web 316-322-3375
Carol Russell, Professor email VH 232 web 5904
Sara Schwerdtfeger, Assistant Professor email VH 335 web 5409
Nancy Smith, Professor and PDS Director – Olathe email Olathe web 5445
Clint Stephens, Assistant Professor email VH 241 web 5837
Erin Tuttle, Graduate Advisor email VH 245 web 5028
Ashley Udell, Instructor - JCCC Elementary Education Program email Olathe web 5445
Scott Waters, Professor email VH 238 web 5764
Amy Welch, PDS Coordinator – Olathe email Olathe web 5445
Department of Health, Physical Education, & Recreation
Paul Luebbers, Department Chair and Professor


PE 218M



Diane Mangus, Office Manager email PE 219 web 5926
Michael Butler, Professor email PE 218V web 5947
Tyler Goad, Assistant Professor email PE 218BB web 5946
Kendra Hodges, Instructor email PE 218 B1 web 5945
Matthew Howe, Associate Professor email PE 218D web 5499
Andrew Johnson, Instructor email PE 218 I web 5934
Sunnin Keosybounheuang, Assistant Professor email PE 218I web 5569
Hannah Kipfer, Instructor email PE 218B2 web 5928
Clinton Longacre, Associate Professor email PE 218Q web 5935
Katie Mathews, Instructor email PE 218B1 web 5940
Joella Mehrhof, Professor email PE 218M web 5946
Daphne Mertens, Advisor email PE 218M web 5948
Sally Miller, Instructor email PE 219B web 5926
Keith Pfannenstiel, Assistant Professor email PE 218BB web 6127
Shawna Shane, Associate Professor email PE 219 web 5848
Mark Stanbrough, Professor email PE 218T web 5399
Jennifer Thomas, Associate Professor email PE 218M web 6160
Vicki Worrell, Professor email PE 218R web 5993
Department of Instructional Design & Technology / TESOL
Zeni Colorado-Resa, Department Chair and Associate Professor email VH 328 web 5477
Janet Schneider, Senior Administrative Assistant email VH 328 web 5829
Janet Holland, Professor email VH 328 web 5650
Dusti Howell, Professor email VH 328F web 5082
Yeol Huh, Assistant Professor email VH 328 web 5774
Sungwoong Lee, Assistant Professor email VH 328 web 5677
Dabae Lee, Assistant Professor email VH 328 5731
Manjula Shinge, Associate Professor email VH 338 web 6153
Department of Psychology
Jim Persinger, Department Chair and Professor email VH 324 web 5317
Joy Voss, Administrative Specialist email VH 327 5317
Carol Daniels, Associate Professor email VH 323 web 5313
Cathy Grover, Associate Professor email VH 303 web 5813
Kelly McEnerney, Assistant Professor email VH 327 2317
Brian Schrader, Professor email VH 327 web 5818
Marciana Vequist, Instructor email VH 302 web 5805
John Wade, Professor email VH 322 web 5317
Ken Weaver, Professor email VH 211 web 5367
George Yancey, Professor email VH 325 web 5839
Department of School Leadership / Middle & Secondary Teacher Education
Daniel Stiffler, Department Chair and Associate Professor email VH 209 web 5776
Darcy Stevens, Administrative Assistant email VH 209 5776
Nancy Albrecht, Professor email VH 203B web 5775
Paul Bland, Professor email VH 203 web 5078
Edwin Church, Professor email VH 347 web 5742
Amanda Lickteig, Associate Professor email VH 204 web 5096
Kirsten Limpert, Professor email VH 201 web 5772
Neal Luo, Assistant Professor email VH 205 web 5835
Timothy Marshall, Associate Professor email VH 206 web 5242
John Morton, Professor email VH 202 web 5215
Megan O’Brien, Graduate Student Advisor email VH 203A web 203A
Jerry Will, Professor email VH 337 web 5771
Great Plains Center for National Teacher Certification
Alvin Peters, Director email EC 125 6788
Jones Institute for Educational Excellence
Roger Caswell, Executive Director email EC 119 5833
Christie Zlab, Office Manager email EC 116 5372
Leila Coester, MSP Coach email EC 116 5372
Kristan Dean, Administrative Assistant email EC 123 5672
Lucie Eusey, Director – Media and Marketing for The Teachers College email EC 124 5830
Dawn Moews, Director – Conferences and Workshops email EC 118 6184
Terri Kaiser, Director – JIEE Publications & Publicity;
The Teachers College Web Developer
email EC 120 5836
Kansas Regional Reading Recovery University Training Center
Annie Opat, Director email EC 101 5828
Office of Field Placement & Licensure
Andra Baldwin, Education Licensure/Certification Officer email VH 208 web 5412
Shannon Hall, Director email VH 208E web 5447
Mary Benjamin, Administrative Specialist email VH 208G web 5447
Resource Center
Janice Romeiser, Director email VH 224 5292
Brady Johnson, IMC Para Educator email VH 224 5292