2015 Kansas
Master Teachers

Carmen Cantrell

Special Education Teacher
USD 512 Shawnee Mission

Barbara Clark

Fourth-Grade Teacher
USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden

Kori E. Green

Eighth-Grade U.S. History Teacher
USD 490 El Dorado

Leslie McAfee

Mathematics Teacher
USD 203 Piper

Bill McFarland

Seventh-Grade Social Studies Teacher
USD 437 Auburn Washburn

Reed Uthe

Speech & Drama Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Ginger Whiteside Steck

Art Teacher, 6th-8th Grades
USD 385 Andover

Kansas Master Teacher Award

2015 Kansas Master Teacher

Kori E. Green

2015 Kansas Master Teacher

Eighth-Grade U.S. History Teacher
El Dorado Middle School
USD 490 El Dorado


History, government and social studies courses are more than a “bunch of dates and dead guys,” said Kori E. Green.

“In my classroom I mix history with current events and primary sources with technology,” Green explained. “Students need to be able to make connections between their reality and the past.”

Green chooses unique ways to help her students make these connections. One is to incorporate food into lesson plans. While studying the slave culture of the U.S. South, for instance, students discussed the typical rations received by slaves and made authentic, dry corn bread while discussing the importance of corn meal, along with molasses and greens.

Green attended Barton County Community College and Wichita State University before earning three bachelor’s degrees from The University of Kansas — women’s studies, history and secondary history-government education. She earned a master’s degree in history, government, social studies curriculum and instruction from KU. She joined the El Dorado school district in 2008, teaching seventh-grade Kansas history and geography for one year before moving to eighth-grade U.S. history.

Technology is key in Green’s classroom. For six years, her classes have participated in Just War, a project using computers to connect students in Kansas, New York and Virginia for online discussions of situations in U.S. history where war was a possibility.

Green’s passion for history and social studies and her ability to connect with 21st-century technology keeps students engaged.

One mother told of her daughter who dislikes social studies and history and her son who is connected to technology and disengages when faced with traditional teaching methods. Green was able to keep both students engaged.

“She utilized technology in the classroom more than any other middle school teacher in the building, in my opinion,” the mother wrote. “She is also a very boisterous, fun, energetic teacher who shows a passion for her subject matter. So, whether or not a student loves social studies, they at least get a kick out of her passion.”

That passion has stayed with a student from Green’s first classroom in 2008. The former student, who said he holds all of his history teachers in high regard, “realized Ms. Green is a huge part of why I love history. It is not often that you encounter someone who possesses a wholehearted passion for what they do.

“Her dedication permanently altered my life in wonderful ways,” he concluded, “and that is something I can never properly thank her for.”