2010 Kansas
Master Teachers

Eleanor Browning

Special Education Reading Coach
USD 253 Emporia

Kathy Doussa**

First Grade Teacher
USD 443 Dodge City

Michael Dunlap

Journalism Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Lou Ann Getz

Clinical Instructor
USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden Schools

Sheila Lewis

Sixth Grade Teacher
USD 450 Shawnee Heights

Andrea Sayler-Siefkes**

(Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Human Biology)
USD 350 St. John/Hudson

Kassie Shook

First Grade Teacher
USD 497 Lawrence



Scott Irwin*

Emporia State University

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Kathy Doussa

Kathy Doussa

2010 Kansas Master Teacher

First Grade Teacher
Northwest Elementary School
USD 443 Dodge City

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Without teachers, there would be no doctors, no lawyers, no professionals. That is why Kathy Doussa believes she has the most important job of all: teaching. She believes that teaching children how to read and write is the essential building block of learning. Through these, all other concepts such as understanding, connecting, and applying ideas to the real world are possible.

Kathy also believes that teaching is not only what you do, but who you are. “I am a teacher all the time. Everywhere I go and everything I do, I am teaching,” she says. In addition to teaching, she is also constantly learning, whether through research, from colleagues, or attending workshops. For Kathy, learning is a cyclical process that never ends.

For her students, learning becomes a hands-on, exciting activity. Kathy realizes that the “one size fits all” model does not apply to all learning styles, so she creates lessons that engage all students. Children actively participate in various classroom projects and learn to work with others in team settings.

“Stories become real to her students, math is magic, her students will all be famous authors, and there is nothing they can’t do!,” remarks a colleague.

Kathy is also highly involved in her school and district in creating and implementing new programs. She works with the Dual Language Program, speaks and presents at local, state, and national conferences, and helps with leadership and afterschool programs. “Usually, if Kathy comes to me with an idea it is in my best interest and that of our children to stand back and let her go,” states a colleague.

Kathy Doussa received her Reading Specialist Endorsement in 2002 from Emporia State University, and her bachelor’s degree in 1992 from Fort Hays State University.