2009 Kansas
Master Teachers

Kenneth J. Bingman**

Honors and AP Biology
USD 229 Blue Valley

Christy Boerner

USD 320 Wamego

Barbara Cole

Seventh-Eighth Grade Art, ELL, Leadership
USD 450 Shawnee Heights

Beverly Furlong

USD 231 Gardner Edgerton

Jeline Harclerode

USD 253 Emporia

Barbara McCalla

Third Grade
USD 402 Augusta

Sarah Meadows**

K-5 Numeracy Coach
USD 501 Topeka

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Lynne "Christy" Boerner

Lynne "Christy" Boerner

2009 Kansas Master Teacher

Central Elementary School
USD 320 Wamego

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Lynne “Christy” Boerner received a powerful reminder of the impact of teaching when a former student, now in her ninth year of teaching, wrote to Boerner about her memories of kindergarten.

“She said when she was in my kindergarten classroom that her parents were going through a divorce and school was the safe and secure place for her to come each day,” Boerner recalled. “She explained that because of my influence, she had decided that she too wanted to become a teacher. When I received this letter, I read it and cried because I knew I made a difference in the life of a student.  This is what teaching is all about!”

In and out of the classroom, Boerner’s record shows a well-rounded educator, involved in school and community activities. A fellow teacher writes that challenging students thrive in Boerner’s classroom because she cares for each one’s unique needs. And after 31 years in the classroom, she’s beginning to teach the children of former students. “All parents are thrilled when they find out Mrs. Boerner will be their child’s teacher, but the parents who were once her students are more thrilled because they know her and the wonderful learning environment she provides.”

A current student, in a nomination letter adorned with crayon drawings, writes on Boerner’s behalf, paraphrased: “Because she’s a good teacher, because she helps me and I love her. I am so happy that she is my teacher.”

A parent recalls how Boerner called her before the school year to learn something special about the incoming student, and followed up with a note and a photo so that the student would know who to look for on the first day. She is a “very dedicated professional and the type of person every parent wishes their child has for a teacher,” the parent writes. “As a speech-language pathologist having worked in several different school districts, I believe Mrs. Boerner is the finest kindergarten teacher I have met.”

Boerner earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Kansas State University in 1977, and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from KSU in 1993. She has taught Wamego kindergarteners since 1978.