2009 Kansas
Master Teachers

Kenneth J. Bingman**

Honors and AP Biology
USD 229 Blue Valley

Christy Boerner

USD 320 Wamego

Barbara Cole

Seventh-Eighth Grade Art, ELL, Leadership
USD 450 Shawnee Heights

Beverly Furlong

USD 231 Gardner Edgerton

Jeline Harclerode

USD 253 Emporia

Barbara McCalla

Third Grade
USD 402 Augusta

Sarah Meadows**

K-5 Numeracy Coach
USD 501 Topeka

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Kenneth J. Bingman

Kenneth J. Bingman

2009 Kansas Master Teacher

Honors and AP Biology
Blue Valley West High School
USD 229 Blue Valley

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Kenneth J. Bingman has learned a central truth in his 46 years of teaching experience: the most important requirement is for the instructor to love teaching and to like students. “At this age they are the most dynamic, energetic, creative, and fun-loving people I know,” Bingman writes. “One of the challenges is to channel their limitless energy and positive attitudes toward learning. When this happens, students become perpetual learners.”

Bingman embodies these very same characteristics, leaving his mark as a highly renowned educator who former students seek out for friendship and mentoring, a man who spends his summers leading students around the world on educational adventures.

“Mr. Bingman has made a permanent mark on science education worldwide,” one former student writes. Another former student describes how Bingman’s methods extended beyond biology, and the habit of learning. “He is able to teach his students how they learn, making it easier for them to absorb the necessary information in a more timely and efficient manner. It is because of his guidance that I will be much more successful in college than I could hope to be otherwise.”

Tom Trigg, Blue Valley superintendent, has been a student under Bingman and watched his children study under Bingman, and now oversees the entire district.  “In all my years as a school administrator (30 years) I have never seen a resume as impressive as Ken’s,” Trigg writes. “His passion for teaching, the teaching profession, the sciences, and students is at a level very seldom seen.”

Bingman earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas and his master’s degree in biology from Emporia State University. He has taught high school students since 1963.