2006 Kansas
Master Teachers

Jo Ellen Dambro

Fifth Grade Teacher
USD 253 Emporia

Karla Ewing

Fourth Grade Teacher
USD 382 Pratt

Elaine Fasulo

Speech/Language Pathologist
USD 233 Olathe

Sherry Hutchcraft

Second Grade Dual Language
USD 443 Dodge City

Vicki O'Neal

Second Grade Teacher
USD 508 Baxter Springs

Bob Peterson**

Theatre, Lead Instructor
Butler Community College

Marilyn Vaughan**

First Grade Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley



Kay Schallenkamp*

Emporia State University

Kansas Master Teacher Award


Vicki Lynn O'Neal

2006 Kansas Master Teacher

Second Grade Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School
USD 508 Baxter Springs

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Teaching Philosophy

“All children deserve to receive a quality education from an instructor who sets high expectations and understands that the ultimate goal is to help all students embrace learning.  They deserve a teacher who helps students recognize and use the power of education in a caring, positive way.  I look at my students as individuals – each unique and eager to learn.  We are the poorest county in Kansas.  Many of my students will never journey far from here.  I seek ways to provide them with learning experiences any student from a large town or affluent school would have.  I want to expose them to global knowledge.  I am excited about the learning opportunities that are ahead of me and share that passion with my students.  They mysteries and magic of learning drive me as a teacher and I hope will motivate my students as learners.”

Honors and Awards

Pittsburg State Clyde U. Phillips Distinguished Service Award - 2004
Kansas Teacher of the Year team - 2004
Kansas Teacher of the Year Region 2 - 2004
Delta Kapp Gamma Int'l 75th Stipend Grant
Baxter Springs Elementary Teacher of the Year - 2003

What People Say

Mary Beth Smith, music teacher at Lincoln School had this to say about her colleague, “She is indeed the epitome of a master teacher, in that she insists upon excellence from her students.  Vicki instills in her student’ hearts a hunger and quest for knowledge beyond the classroom experience.  Her students are known to be among the most productive and highest achieving students in the district.  They realize that Mrs. O’Neal will accept only their personal best.  Therefore, the attitude within the classroom is indicative of the fact that every child will succeed.”

Andrew Powell, a former student shares, “Mrs. O’Neal is the smartest and most dedicated teacher I have ever known, and this is not an exaggeration.   Mrs. O’Neal uses her time off during the summer to learn more things so she can teach them to the students in the Baxter Springs School District.  She encourages students to try their best, to never give up, and to follow their dreams.  She supports students in every thing they do and she is my mentor.  Mrs. O’Neal is truly deserving of the Kansas Master Teacher Award.”