2006 Kansas
Master Teachers

Jo Ellen Dambro

Fifth Grade Teacher
USD 253 Emporia

Karla Ewing

Fourth Grade Teacher
USD 382 Pratt

Elaine Fasulo

Speech/Language Pathologist
USD 233 Olathe

Sherry Hutchcraft

Second Grade Dual Language
USD 443 Dodge City

Vicki O'Neal

Second Grade Teacher
USD 508 Baxter Springs

Bob Peterson**

Theatre, Lead Instructor
Butler Community College

Marilyn Vaughan**

First Grade Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley



Kay Schallenkamp*

Emporia State University

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Elaine Bertels Fasulo

Elaine Bertels Fasulo

2006 Kansas Master Teacher

Speech/Language Pathologist
Meadow Lane Elementary
USD 233 Olathe

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Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is simple:  make school an inviting, safe place of learning for all students, show students that you genuinely care about them as a student and a person, and understand that it’s a privilege to be involved in the lives of these children and their families….Viewing education through the eyes of a graduate student is invigorating and reenergizing.  I have always known I’ve loved my job in education, but it’s been in the last few years that I have come to appreciate that my role is a privileged one…There is not greater privilege than a young student accidentally calling me “mom” and then giggling and hugging me around the legs when he realizes his mistake!  That could only happen to an educator.”

Honors and Awards

USD 233 Master Teacher of the Year - 2005/2006
Meadow Lane Elementary School Master Teacher of the Year - 2005/06
First Recepient of SPeech/Language Dartment Service Award
Bright Lights Grant Recipient - Olathe District Schools 2003/04 & 2005/06

What People Say

Alison Banikowski, Associate Superintendent for Olathe School District relates, “My first encounters with Lanie were related to my background in Special Education and I have continued to have contact with her in my current position as Associate Superintendent.  In all of these experiences, I have been impressed by Lanie’s outstanding leadership, her vision beyond the walls of her school building, and always focusing on the greater good for students as well as fellow educators.  In her chosen professional field, Lanie is a model teacher, a leader, and a life-long learner, always seeking to grow professionally, improve her skills and her knowledge.  I am honored to know and to be associated with an educator of her caliber.”

A former student writes, “Mrs. Fasulo started to work with me when I was in 6th grade.  Things were difficult for me then and I cannot begin to imagine what life would have been like without Mrs. Fasulo.  She helped me to recognize my feelings and how to communicate them to other people. She also helped me with my social life which was extremely rocky at the time.  I will always remember how much she supported me and what a great advocate she was for me.”

“We have been blessed to have Lanie as our son’s speech pathologist for the past 7 years”, relates Samuel and Sandra Ramsdale.  “Our son has high functioning autism and has been able to attend full inclusion classes at Meadow Lane Elementary with Lanie’s help.  She has been more than his speech pathologist.  She has been his team leader since first grade and has made it her mission to help him be successful every year from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  We feel that we could not have come as far as we have without her.”