2005 Kansas
Master Teachers

Ken Garwick

Sixth Grade Teacher
USD 383 Manhattan

Sandy Hardesty

Social Studies Instructor
USD 437 Auburn-Washburn

Connie S. Neneman

First and Second Grade Teacher
USD 443 Dodge City

Kathryn L. Reschke

K-6 School Counselor
USD 233 Olathe

Kimberly Thomas

Fifth Grade
USD 259 Wichita

Mary Van Dyke

K-8 District Facilitator for Gifted and Talented
USD 409 Atchison

Larry Wayland

Visual Art Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Mary Van Dyke

Mary Van Dyke

2005 Kansas Master Teacher

K-8 District Facilitator for Gifted and Talented

Atchison Middle School

USD 409 Atchison

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Teaching Philosophy

Mary Van Dyke sees herself as a "talent scout" for creative productions. "I aim to teach students to express themselves, value the freedom of individual effort, and take that giant leap along the path to self-awareness. Children usually rise to the level of expectation. Seeing their eagerness to solve a real-life problem, write poetry, teach a senior citizen, research an interest topic, design a web partnership, develop a media presentation, or promote understanding of Islam and the Afghan culture, who am I to stand in their way? Yes, I am fortunate that my students take me on their personal journey of discovery, and all I have to do is steer them along."

Honors and Awards

Venture Business Association, Grant Advisor, 2005

National Youth Service Day Advisor Award, 2004

Odyssey of the Mind "Outstanding OMER" State Award, 1999

Boyer Foundation Technology Inclusion Grant Advisor, 1999

What People Say

"If there ever was a Master Teacher, Mary Van Dyke is it! Dramatically dynamic, courageously creative, wonderfully bright, unbelievably energetic, and beautifully sincere, Mary would be a treasure for any school system," says Merle Marsh, Director of Special Projects.

Janie Bennett, Counselor writes, "Mary began taking students to Odyssey of the Mind contests when it was called Olympics of the Mind! On her own time and many times at her own expense, she encouraged and accompanied students on weekends and during summers to regional, state, and world OM competitions. Students from Atchison have won first place in Kansas year after year."

"The thing about Mrs. VanDyke's gifted class," says Lillian Cooper, a student of Mrs. VanDyke's, "is that it is not an easy thing to get through. She is always pushing you to do great things, because she knows what is possible from students. She knows that if a person tries, the list of what they can accomplish is endless. Mrs. VanDyke believes in us all, and I know that is why we have all succeeded."